Calling Forth the Real Creative You

Friday 05 January 2018 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I love drawing on the alpha energy of the New Year to reflect on what really resonates for me in the new Now!

Once I’ve recharged and released what feels “done” from all that has been (read more on that here), I take myself through a process I’ve developed to call forth my naturally creative true self.

With that in place, I’m free to explore a multitude of possibilities and make conscious choices about what priorities I feel drawn to focus on next in all areas of my life.

Clarity, Focus and Flexibility

This leads me to a point of clarity in relation to the preliminary intentions I set for both personal and professional projects.

These could be developing an area of the garden, for example, or creating new content to share with you through courses, classes, mentoring and retreats.

It feels natural for me to start with a focused yet flexible “big picture” and then allow the details to arise along the way.

Space for the Unfolding Dream

Interestingly, the more I strengthen my alignment with living in a deep state of conscious flow,  the more I’m inclined to leave space – in my mind and my schedule – for the unexpected twists and turns of the unfolding dream.

Yet starting with a few clear priorities and intentions gives me the direction I need to take my next steps and remain on track with my core purpose.

Feeling Creatively Alive

Above all, calling forth my true creative self is a significant reminder that creativity isn’t just something that I do; it’s the natural state of being that I consciously choose in order to live my life intentionally and joyfully.

In fact it’s a high priority for me to share the message that feeling creatively alive is every single person’s birthright.


Because feeling creatively alive transforms your whole experience of life.

Living Proof

I’m living the proof of that as my early conditioning led me to believe that creativity was an optional extra to be reserved for hobbies and weekends.

Yet a life-changing accident led me to realize that wasn’t true for me, and now it’s become a fundamental facet of my life, and my life’s work!

Creating What You’re Here to Create

You may or may not feel drawn to engage with creativity to the same degree that I do.

Nonetheless, calling forth the real creative you will make a significant impact on your capacity to initiate – and follow through to completion – your chosen form(s) of creative self-expression.

It will also shift your perspective in the other areas of your life, just as it has done in mine.

Perhaps the new Now of 2018 is when you’ll fully claim your right to create the next level of what you’re truly here to create?

What are your favourite ways to call forth the real creative you? Please share your comments and experience below. Thank you 🙂


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  • Yes, yes. the real creative you. too often, we / i relegate creativity to certain defined tasks, forget that it can be part of every moment of every day. when I remember this, i live with spirit and joy and i am naturally creative. when i forget this, i … well, no need to tell that story now. thanks for reminding me, julia.

    • That’s very true Peter; our definition of what creativity is can be extremely limited. I love your description of how you live with spirit and joy and are naturally creative when you remember that it can be part of every moment – yes!! I’m so glad this has served as a reminder for you and thank you for taking a moment to post your comment.

  • Loved the class, thank you so much. Didn’t interact much at the time because I was busying scribbling. Something that resonated with me particularly was your comment that creativity is not something you do, it is your natural state of being. It reminded me of something learned elsewhere: that self-esteem is not something you have, it is something you do. Clearly we get things the wrong way round sometimes. The words that ended up being circled in my journal are: Show up & do it anyway…and…BE PRESENT.

    • That’s wonderful to hear Lesley, thanks for sharing your experience here on the blog 🙂 Yes, your true nature is naturally creative which is why pausing to align yourself consciously with your natural state has such a positive effect on your capacity for deep inspiration and flow. Those words you’ve circled in your journal are great reminders. Enjoy!

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