If You Think You’re Too Small to Have an Impact

Friday 06 November 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” Dame Anita Roddick

What a magnificent reminder about the power of perspective!

Unfamiliar Territory

Whenever I find myself on the edge of change or called to stand up for truth despite the prevailing narrative, a part of me feels extremely small.

In fact, the greater the uncertainty, the smaller and more vulnerable this part of me feels.

Stepping willingly into territory that lies beyond the boundary of my comfort zone is uncomfortable to say the least.

A Single Question

However, my experience of personal and professional evolution has revealed a single question that leads me to shift into gear rather than remain stuck in familiar grooves.

It’s a simple but powerful question…

Who is feeling small?

An Aspect of Identity

Approaching this as an inquiry instantly triggers the reminder that the part of me which is feeling small is not who I truly am.

It’s an aspect of my identity that’s been conditioned to interpret life in a particular way which more often than not includes the illusion of safety by staying small.

Yet making a difference by contributing something of real value in a way that’s truly authentic is a deep calling in me, just as it is with the soul-inspired professionals I coach and mentor.

A Distinct Quality

In my experience, the most effective way to do that is to embody your core values, speak with a true voice and show up consistently as the real you.

When you’re in alignment with what’s truly important, you’re more able to live from your depth.

When you live from your depth, there’s a distinct quality that ripples out just from being who you are that invariably makes more of an impact than you realize.

So next time you think you’re too small to make an impact:

  • Remember the wise words of Anita Roddick who may have been a small woman in stature but who certainly made a huge impact with her authentic approach to business.
  • Reconnect with your true nature through meditation, conscious movement, spending time in nature or whatever works best for you to return to your inner truth.
  • Re-align yourself with what you truly care about and the purpose you feel drawn to serve which is greater than the part of you which feels small; then focus your attention on that!


    • Thank you for your comment Sue. It’s good to hear that this has been a useful reminder for you and I very much appreciate you sharing that with me.

    • I agree about the photo Daphne – it does convey a feeling of expansion doesn’t it. In fact that’s exactly what I was hoping to convey with this post so I’m delighted that it’s worked for you!

  • These words and concepts resonate deeply with me at this time. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of allowing your light to shine…it only takes one light to illuminate a room, as the darkness can no longer exist in the presence of the light. With love and gratitude

    • That’s good to hear Rachel, thank you for sharing your reaction to this blog. You’re so right when you say that it only takes one light to illuminate a room. We all have the capacity to allow the light to shine through us and now is the perfect time for us to step fully into the radiance of truth, freedom and love.

  • I think your citing of the Soul Inspiration place is the ideal way to counter any ‘hurt child’ flash ‘hit’ of ” I am too small for this project “. Very valuable reminder, Julia, to Return Home to who one really is at heart. Thank you.

    • Thank you Peter. “Returning home to who one really is at heart” reminds me of the wonderful words from Ram Dass when he said, “We’re all just walking each other home!”

  • Thank you Julia… I woke up with a question going through my mind..”Who or what is your God”. Who is telling us we are too small for the job? With God of the Universe’s help, we can do anything.

    • It sounds like your inquiry into that question is bearing fruit for you Melissa. Enjoy exploring what you’re able to do when you align yourself fully with the “universe”!

  • Thank you for this Julia. Your timing is perfect for me.
    At this time, when the world is throwing its card in the air, I decided to throw mine. I left my stressful job after 10 years to concentrate on my creativity. I finally finished handwriting a children’s’ story/book last year, so I’m editing that and all my creativity is flowing. Even with upheaval going on it feels so right and I decided there is no better time than now to go with it. To encourage and nurture myself as much as I do for everyone else, now more than ever. I hadn’t realised how much I don’t!
    I have so many ideas, projects and plans and do feel a little ‘small’ at times in the middle of it, but i like it. I know it’s what comes with a totally new beginning, following my own flow and trusting it.
    And I’m not even going to apologise for waffling on… where once I would have!
    Thanks again Julia x

    Julie Ruck


    • Hello Julie, I’m so glad that the timing of this blog feels right for you, and how marvellous that you’ve “thrown your cards in the air” in the way you’ve described. I honour you for the courage you’ve shown in taking such a significant step and huge congratulations on completing your children’s storybook.

      My sense is that the upheaval has created an opening and a real opportunity for us all to go with what feels truly important for us at this time.

      For so many of the people I know, myself included, it’s the end of an era and the start of a whole new one. So you’re clearly on the pulse of that Julie, and I’m genuinely delighted to hear about the conscious choices you’re making.

      Wishing you every joy and success with spreading your wings and flying forwards into your new beginning! Julia x

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