Responding to the Call

Friday 20 November 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I’ve certainly had my fair share of unexpected life-changing moments including what has felt like a quantum acceleration of transformation over the last couple of years.

Yet these turning points have never coincided so directly before with the worldwide wave of change we’re experiencing at this epic time in history; life will truly never be the same again.

Alongside the immense disruption and distress, there is a Great Awakening occurring, and this exceptional combination of factors seems to me to be a clear call for a whole new way forwards.

Extraordinary Invitation

The question is, how will we respond to that call?

Will old patterns that have so obviously failed to serve the greater good continue to dominate our agendas and keep us stuck in fear and programmed to strive endlessly for more?

Or will the intensity cut through the noise and prompt us to accept this extraordinary invitation to review how we show up in order to make conscious choices and manifest a different future for ourselves and our world?

Deep Listening

My approach is grounded in a deep commitment to a conscious, aligned and wholehearted way of being, living and working.

This has led me to take a greater pause than ever before to prioritise deep listening so that Right Action arises from being in alignment with my soul as the highest priority.

Having taken up permanent residence in my Inner Seat, a deep sense of calm has become the foundation for me to ride the waves as the storm clears out the old to make way for the new.

Doing Less and Being More

I’m also keenly aware of not limiting possibilities by jumping too quickly to conclusions about what might happen and how things might turn out – individually and globally.

Instead I’m engaging in a living inquiry and allowing the process to unfold and new paradigms to arise through who I am being as the source of whatever I do.

Doing less and being more has never felt so important!

Presence and Influence

However simple that sounds, it isn’t always easy, especially on the back of an up-bringing based on being busy as the norm and seeing self-worth reflected in achievement and action.

Yet having an emphasis on being doesn’t mean remaining in a completely passive state.

Instead it’s an orientation that gives rise to Right Action instead of busyness, and a refined quality of presence that has a beneficial influence on those around you and the world at large.

Positive Ripples

One of my most significant discoveries from many years of spiritual practice has been to pay attention first and foremost to my state of being in order to make the greatest contribution.

A calm, centred and compassionate state creates an internal anchor that keeps me grounded and strengthens my resilience no matter what the external circumstances may be.

Learning to be gentle and take care of myself adds to the positive ripples which spread far more widely than I’d ever have imagined possible in days gone by.

Path to Freedom

The magnitude of this moment has prompted me to share this brief overview of how I’m interpreting and responding to the scenario we’re currently facing.

We all have to find our own way through the challenges of our individual situations; yet it’s absolutely apparent that we’re all in this together.

I understand how easy it is for everyday issues to consume our time and energy.

Nevertheless, this opportunity to review what truly matters and re-structure our lives to be increasingly in alignment with that undoubtedly leads to freedom.

Bring You Alive

As David Whyte expresses with elegant simplicity in the final lines of his poem Sweet Darkness:

anything or anyone

that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.

How will you respond to the call?


  • Julia, my whole being resonates with what you have shared here. First, I congratulate you on your choice to focus on your inner journey as you cope with the painful challenges.’

    I woke up Easter morning with shingles, an extremely painful condition, triggered often by stress. I know the source of stress that brought this on because I handled it poorly. Now I must make some major inner changes, find a different way of responding to the the source (technology issues) as a way of taking better care of myself. These inner changes are challenges, along with coping with the pain ravaging my body.
    But making them will help me strengthen my own resilience as well as maintain an attitude of compassion for those who are dealing with so much during this time of the virus.

    • Thank you Helen. I’m so sorry to hear about the shingles and hope that my sharing will support you to respond to your situation by listening deeply to what you truly need at this time and going forwards.

  • Love reading your blog, and this edition is particularly powerful. Thank you.

    Wishing you well in rising up to your life’s challenges.

    • Thank you Sarah, that’s great to hear. I very much appreciate your good wishes and return the same to you with whatever is going on for you right now!

  • Thank you Julia for sharing your thoughts at this time of deep inner and outer transformation. Diving into the silence (no planes or traffic) offers us the space (no crowds) and stillness to hear the birds sing and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. By lovingly embracing our deepest wounds with kindness and compassion we are healing and restoring balance to ourselves and our beautiful planetary home. Life will never be the same again and perhaps we can all say, thank goodness! Sending you much love and healing blessings.xx

    • That’s lovely Jeanine, thank you. And I’m right with you on saying “thank goodness” that life will never be the same again… or words to that effect! Love and blessings to you too x

  • Thanks Julia for expressing so beautifully what is happening to us all at this time. I resonate so strongly with all that you are saying. As Christopher Fry once said: ‘Affairs are now soul size’. This is the opportunity for us all to dig deeply within and find our true selves. Sending love and many blessings.

    • Thank you for your comment Daphne and for the lovely quote from Christopher Fry; I’ve not come across that before but it perfectly fits the moment. Wishing you joy with your on-going inner journey… Much love to you x

  • What you write Julia resonates with me, it resonates with me a lot and brings to mind a book which I’m currently reading, a book I shall read and reread. It is called The Clear Light by Steve Taylor and has only recently been released, it was released in September 2020. It is subtitled “spiritual reflections and meditations”
    There is one particular verse in one particular poem, the poem being entitled “At one with your body and mind” and reads as follows:-

    “And when your whole being is at rest
    you’ll sense a subtle spiritual essence
    glowing softly like evening sunlight
    through every atom of your limbs and veins and skin
    and through the endless radiant space of your
    from a source beyond both body and mind”

    I think here we can find some inner peace

    thank you for your words Julia

    • It’s good to hear that this resonates with you Hamish and reminds you of Steve Taylor’s book The Clear Light. I know Steve although I haven’t read his latest book.

      I very much appreciate you sharing this poem and agree wholeheartedly that this is a way to inner peace…

      I’d simply add that although this “spiritual essence” is indeed from a source beyond both both and mind, it can still be recognized and consciously embodied for awakened living in alignment with all soul values such as truth, freedom, love, peace, compassion…

  • Julia, your blog post resonates perfectly with how I’m feeling at present; the need to do less and be more and to listen deeply within. Much love x

    • Hello Jenny, it’s lovely to know that this blog resonates perfectly with how you’re feeling right now… may your being more and listening nourish you at the deepest levels, now and always. Much love x

  • Thank you Julia for reminding us to dive deep and listen to the calling of our soul, to spread love and not fear, to have faith and trust that we are being guided and take time to be still and connect to our inner guidance. Sending you love and blessings.xx

    • Thanks to you Jeanine for summarizing what has resonated most with you in this post. These are timeless reminders yet feel especially significant right now. Bright blessings and love to you x

  • Thank you so much for all your wonderful guidance and perspectives which have assisted me along the way to Conscious writing. Much love X

    • You’re most welcome Belinda. Thank you for your feedback; it’s heart-warming to know that you’ve benefited from my offerings.

      I wish you great joy as you deepen into the fullness of all that Conscious Writing has to offer you – as a writer and in all areas of your life. With love x

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