Immerse Yourself in the Inspiration of Autumn

Friday 23 October 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I love autumn! It’s my favourite season and I’m always moved by the many gifts it brings following the fullness of summer.

The first has to be the inspiration that comes from spectacular colours lighting up the landscape in a rich tapestry that’s truly breath-taking.

Flame reds alongside vibrant ambers and luminous golds nestle against a backdrop of vivid greens; and on bright sunny days, clear blue skies complete the vision of nature’s magnificence in a way that defies description.

Having Fun with Colour

I know how important it is to immerse myself in inspiration on a regular basis and autumn colours provide me with a perfect opportunity to top up my inner well.

Breathing in the beauty of this season naturally leads to breathing out insights and ideas for my personal and professional projects.

Yet autumn colours also trigger the impulse in me simply to have fun with colour 🙂

Here are a few ways I do that:

  • Making colourful food like salads and stir fries with red chilli, yellow pepper, orange sweet potato, green courgette, black beans, white onions… and more!
  • Organizing my creative and business projects using colourful folders and wallets.
  • Having fresh flowers in my office that reflect the season especially rusty coloured roses.
  • Playing with different coloured pens for mind-mapping, note-taking and jotting down ideas.
  • Choosing clothes with autumn in mind – deep red and gold are particular favourites.

Vibrancy of the Season

My love of autumn is such that simply looking at photos of burnished leaves is uplifting enough to inspire my creative soul.

However, this undoubtedly occurs because I make it a priority each year to enjoy the impact of immersing myself in the vibrancy of the season.

Living in close proximity to nature means I’m surrounded by it constantly. Yet I also schedule a visit to a local forest or garden to experience the display of autumn colours on a grand scale.

So what if you were to…

  • Create time and space to visit an arboretum or other natural space where you live to immerse yourself in the inspiration of autumn?
  • Take your journal, camera, sketchbook and/or other creative tools you enjoy using to engage in some form of autumn-inspired creative expression after you’ve been fully present to the experience of being there?
  • Schedule time in your diary now to (i) research where to go then (ii) add it to your calendar and commit to making it a reality as a gift to nourish yourself at every level?

I often choose to walk the Autumn Trail at the National Arboretum at Westonbirt in Gloucestershire, and always return feeling refreshed, restored and renewed.

Here are some photos from my Autumn Trail experience which will hopefully inspire you to head out and immerse yourself in the inspiration of autumn:


  • I have been discovering this year that several Wisdom traditions link specific colours to certain personal qualities. For example, several see Joy as Yellow or Red is linked to Strength or Energy. So yellow autumn leaves and the greater variety of colour generally at this time of year bring a sense of the positive, as the cooler days can be linked to creative impulses through this richness. Time for a trip to my local arboretum – thank you for the impulse !!

    • That’s so true and thank you for mentioning it. I haven’t associated those correspondences with autumn colours before but it makes complete sense now you’ve drawn my attention to it so thanks for doing so! Enjoy your trip to the arboretum and I’ll remember your comment when I visit the one near here next month and see what arises in me from paying attention with that in mind!

  • I am going to a retreat in the Cotswolds next month which is near to the National Arboretum at Westonbirt and can visit it on my way home! Thanks Julia for your timely inspiration to walk nature’s Autumn trail and immerse myself in colour.

  • I love, love this time of year. September has always captured my heart~~first as a child (it was time to go back to school!) and then as an adult because of colors but also the harvest and the experience of transition to the holiday season.
    When my husband died on September 22nd, it became my least favorite month because of all the dying that seemed to engulf me. That was 20 years ago. By the end of my 5th year of adjusting to his absence,I had grown back into welcoming September, a time to celebrate both death and life. I’ve come to understand that they are part of one reality. Further, I’m excited that this month I have begun the formal writing of the book I’ve lived these 20 years. It’s focus: The transformational power of loss.

    • Yes, September does have so many associations for us all including the return to school or college, the amazing colours, the bountiful harvest from seeds sown earlier in the year… I fully appreciate that the death of your husband changed your feelings completely. However, good for you finding your way through that and surfacing through acceptance to celebrate the natural cycle of life which, as you so rightly say, includes death as two expressions of the same reality.

      I’m delighted to hear that you’ve started writing your book this month and how poignant that the timing reflects your focus. I wish you well with the writing and will look forward to hearing how you’re getting on in due course. Thanks for sharing your experience Helen.

    • That’s great to hear Daphne; I hope you enjoy your autumn colours experience. And yes, maybe see you there 🙂

  • Hi Julia! Such fresh ideas for Autumn inspiration. My favorite season is Fall and here in Atlanta we are seeing the leaves change amidst cooler temps.
    The colors are wondrous and just the idea of the season prompts creative vibes. Thank you!

    • Hi Susan! It’s great to hear that you love autumn / fall too, and that you enjoyed reading my ideas for autumn inspiration. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy playing with those creative colours! x

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