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Friday 17 November 2017 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

In a recent mentoring session with a new client I’ll call Sarah, I found myself explaining a perspective that’s a core principle of my conscious and creative approach to living and writing.

Who you become is just as important as what you create, write, say and do in the world.

In fact it’s essential because who you are and the state of consciousness you’re in doesn’t just determine the quality of your self-expression, it directly impacts your whole experience of life.


Sarah understood this principle intellectually but was struggling to apply it.

She was so focused on being of service to the people she felt inspired to help that she was driving herself hard to make it all happen “yesterday” and causing herself a great deal of stress in the process.

The irony was that the more she pushed to achieve the results she was striving for, the slower her progress and the more frustration she felt.

Who she was becoming as a result of her approach was not only detrimental to her health but also sabotaging the whole project!

Beneath the Surface

During the mentoring I picked up on some significant clues which revealed that a great deal was happening in relation to Sarah’s awareness expanding and her ideas emerging but it was all “beneath the surface”.

Sarah had completely discounted this inner growth and development as her focus was on seeing tangible evidence of the progress she was so intent on making.

When I reflected back to her what was going on, she started to see that a shift in perspective was required.

By the end of the session she realized that she needed to “Be the change” she wanted to see in the world as Mahatma Gandhi so wisely advised.

High Frequency

It’s an obvious cliché to say that the journey is the destination.

Yet when you’re fully present in the moment and committed to living consciously, creatively and authentically, who you become is of primary importance.

The more aligned you are with the eternal you, the higher the frequency of the energy that naturally radiates out from simply being who you truly are.

The angst of fear and stress give way to timeless qualities like love and peace which boost the impact of your thoughts, words and actions a thousand fold.

No Destination

Ultimately there is no destination. At an absolute level there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Relatively speaking, however, paying attention to who you become as you walk the path of conscious and creative living will always be the most powerful way to be and do what you’re truly here to be and do.

Sarah’s “aha” moment opened the way for her to explore a new approach that connects the most aligned version of who she is with the difference she’s committed to making in the world.

She’s now ready to engage fully in the process of making that a reality and realizes that this is how she’ll be able to make the greatest contribution of all.

What are your thoughts and feelings about who you’re becoming through your chosen form(s) of self-expression? Please share your comments below.


  • This is one to read several times. because, if i understand correctly, you’re not only saying that to give our best gifts in life, we need to be conscious of our who we are/where we are (in our consciousness) at a given time. and that pushing ourselves to “do our service” in the world at the expense of caring for ourselves and our state of being – is putting ourselves directly at odds on both fronts. Yet to attend to who we are and who we arte becoming puts us in the best place to create to the level (or beyond it) of our aspirations. and of course, it will be much more likely to be infused with a good vibe. now — how to remember this when a sense of urgency takes center stage?

    • Hi Carol, yes indeed. In fact, the greatest gift we can give is to be who we truly are. When we’re connected to that deep space of presence, alignment and authenticity, the frequency of our energy resonates with the timeless qualities of Truth, Love, and Joy. Compare that to the negative emotions such as stress, frustration or anger which often surface when a sense of urgency takes us out of synch with the present moment.

      The best way to remember all of this in times of intensity is to create a regular practice of your choice that grounds you in being who you truly are so it gradually becomes your default setting regardless of the external circumstances you find yourself in. I hope that helps your understanding and application of the message this post conveys and thank you for sharing your reaction to it – much appreciated!

  • Who I have become as a result of writing my first book has been as enlightening and enriching as completing the project. It was the process of becoming conscious to who I am that allowed my creativity to flow. staying awake is the key and the challenge.

    • Fabulous, thank you Jeanine. And yes, staying awake is the key and the challenge – hence the reason for regular practices as I’ve just mentioned in my reply to Carol. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Very profound. I have realised over recent years that I was ‘told’ in my childhood that i should not be me. this has blocked me very badly, and sadly my self-expression. the word self is the key- to express what i have to say out of my self – the authentic me. as well said, the practice is staying in the place of inner connection to the self and using effective reminders to ‘flip back’ into this warm place as needed. the good news is the more done, the easier and happier it gets. i find this truly encouraging and a very happy discovery. sad it has taken years !!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Peter. It’s absolutely the case that the more you connect with your inner truth, the easier it becomes to do so again and extend the periods of time that you remain present, aligned and connected. No matter that it may have taken years to reach this point. Time is man made and the only moment is the eternal Now!

  • Thank you, Julia, for this concept of being aware of who we become as we write, expressing our ideas and thoughts.
    I need to read this one over and over to grasp and hold onto the theme of who am I becoming. Very interesting and exciting.

    • It’s great to hear that you find this interesting and exciting as a theme Roe. Once it truly “clicks” within you, there won’t be any need to grasp or hold onto it as it will feel so natural that you’ll integrate it effortlessly into your whole approach to self-expression!

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