The Beauty We Love

Friday 08 May 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Jalal al-Din Rumi

This famous quote from the mystical poet Rumi is one of my all time favourites. It’s an exquisite expression of Conscious Writing that eloquently transmits the living reality the words are pointing towards.

Every time I read it silently or speak the words aloud, I feel a warm glow radiate out from my heart to fill my whole being and beyond with invisible waves of delight.

A smile appears on my face and I experience the paradox of simultaneous fullness and emptiness that comes from harmonizing with an expression of Truth.

A Lyrical Invitation

As an extract from one of Rumi’s poems, these two simple sentences are rich with meaning and can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Fundamentally for me this is a lyrical invitation to discover your true calling (“the beauty we love”) and express that authentically in the world (“be what we do”).

The “hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” serves as a reminder of the myriad options for reflecting and sharing your unique gifts in all areas of your life.

Alignment with Your Soul

The word “should” in terms of who you should be or what you should do is noticeably absent!

The extension of the invitation is to embrace the permission to release the “should” and follow the golden thread of what truly makes you feel alive.

When you find the courage to trust the subtle prompting of your intuition and follow through on what’s genuinely important for you, you naturally experience the freedom and fulfilment of living in alignment with your soul.

My Invitation for You

Inspired by Rumi’s timeless words, my invitation for you is to reflect on this question, “What do I need to discover the beauty I love and the means for expressing it consciously and creatively in the world?”

Write your reflections down, and take the question forwards as a living inquiry to guide your choices and actions from this point on.

Continue to play with possibilities and dance with the details of your individual life situation as a never-ending stream of opportunities to kneel and kiss the ground in ways that truly reflect the beauty you love.



    • My absolute pleasure Daphne. Enjoy the heartfelt song and may the fuel for your creative fire light the way to the page for your writing 🙂

  • Joining Daphne in the SENTIMENT. Love this quote. A beautiful invitation to WONDER and PONDER on what’s important to us, on our VALUES. An invitation for conscious living

    • Hi Diane – good to hear from you and thanks for your comment! An invitation for conscious living indeed…

  • Bonjour je suis entrain de lire votre merveilleux livre L’écriture consciente , je voudrais savoir si vous me donner la permission de l’adapter pour mes cours de peinture consciente en création ? je vous laisse mes coordonnées pour me répondre merci !

    • Bonjour Claudette, merci pour votre commentaire enthousiaste à propos de mon livre. Je suis ravi de savoir que vous appréciez de le lire!

      Je serais heureux pour vous d’adapter le travail pour votre cours de peinture tant que vous expliquez que la source de ce que vous partagez est l’enseignement que j’ai créé appelé L’écriture consciente et mentionnez le livre afin que les gens puissent lire l’original.

      Merci de la permission de demander ma permission et je souhaite à vous et à vos participants de cours toute joie et succès en utilisant le processus.

  • For me, kneeling means humility, and a reverence for the world, and kissing the ground means a passion that is grounded, or the act of labor.

    And thank you, I love this quote.

    • Beautifully put, thank you for your contribution Daniel. I also love this quote; I never tire of reading it and feeling into the space the words are pointing us towards…

  • Such inspiration! Releasing the should, I followed the golden thread..
    Since my transformation at the 2015 retreat, conscious writing and living is the space I live in in order to share my gifts.I am living in alignment with my soul with joie de vivre!

    • Good for you Susan! And thank you for sharing your experience of where you’ve ended up from engaging with the full potential of conscious writing. May you continue deepening into the alignment with your soul and enjoying your joie de vivre!

  • Reading this blog again in the time of lockdown has particular relevance for me. I have been practicing eliminating everything which does not give me joy, the ‘shoulds’ in particular. In this way I am simplifying my life considerably and I am finally finding the courage to be truly myself, thereby releasing the energy which I need to complete my book. Thank you again Julia for your inspiration in the past and, as ever, now.

    • That’s great to hear Daphne. I love your practice of eliminating the “shoulds” and everything that doesn’t give you joy alongside the process of simplifying life… I’m right with you on all of those!

      Here’s to you truly being yourself and all that’s naturally expressed from that state of integrity with your soul… including completing your book!

  • Julia, I love putting words together in a way that elicits the truth, the beauty and sense of wholeness in my readers; to help them discover what they already have within.

    Would you please elaborate on your comment “..the simultaneous fullness and emptiness.” (3rd para above)

    • That resonates with me Helen, and is beautifully put as a way to describe conscious writing.

      The simultaneous fullness and emptiness refers to the unlimited potentiality (fullness) that’s inherent in the underlying essence (emptiness) of everything.

      These words point towards what can only be sensed into intuitively rather than grasped or understood by the conceptual mind, so I encourage you to feel your way in to the living reality the words are directing your attention to and be OK with not knowing. As Rilke advised, live your way into the question, and from a state of open receptivity see what arises from within you…

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