Like a River Flowing

Friday 13 March 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” Maya Angelou

As soon as I read this quote, I knew it would become one of my favourites.

It resonates deeply with me as my journey of creative self-realization has involved moving into harmony with my spirit and forging my own authentic path (on-going!).

My process has included developing a conscious connection with the Divine Feminine and exploring the multitude of ways that yin energy can be expressed through who I am and what I do as I follow the path to my “destination”.

Pushing the River

There have been many challenges along the way as I was brought up to value the masculine, yang qualities of taking responsibility for making things happen, driving life forwards to achieve external success and generally pushing the river!

Sound familiar?

Of course this active energy has an extremely important role to play in the dance of creation which requires a balance of feminine flow and masculine focus to manifest fully and reach a point of completion.

Yet anything taken to an extreme is fundamentally flawed and it didn’t take long for me as a young adult to discover the limitations and damage such an approach involves.

In Harmony with My Spirit

I was increasingly called to explore what being in harmony with my spirit felt like and ultimately to step into my authentic power as a creative woman.

As part of that process, I needed to learn how to let go and to trust, to open myself to receive as well as to give, and to allow things to be and to become.

Perhaps most important of all, exploring the full expression of feminine flow has led me to accept myself fully as an expression of Souce in the form of a slightly quirky creative spirit in a female body!

My Authentic Destination

It’s been an intense journey that’s involved phases of exclusive emphasis on all things feminine to counterbalance the early conditioning and eventually to find a harmonious balance between the two.

The process continues to unfold yet the rewards so far are unquantifiable from the liberation and fulfilment of finally living in alignment with my soul and expressing myself creatively and authentically through my version of the destination.

Of course the details are different for each individual; yet the principles are the same for all of the amazing women I serve as a mentor and guide.

Each one is on her way to living in harmony with her spirit and arriving at her authentic destination.

Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership

The deeply transformative nature of this process also relates directly to a conscious approach to writing, living and leadership.

This is because when you’re in harmony with your spirit you are free from the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits of your conditioned mind.

You also have access to unlimited potential for authentic self-expression whether you’re writing a blog, making values based choices in your life or coaching a CEO through major change.

Opening the Way

Opening the way for women to discover this truth for themselves forms an essential part of the work I love doing with individuals and groups.

If you feel called to step up to the next level on your journey of writing, living and leading in harmony with your spirit, let me know if you’d like to explore new possibilities with the benefit of my intuitive guidance and support.

May you arrive at your destination as your true self, and only your true self!


  • I love that quote by Maya Angelou. In fact, reading your blog has finally decided me to come to your creative course in glastonbury. I have not been able to make up my mind, now it has been made up!

    • Hello Daphne – it is a lovely quote isn’t it and I’m delighted to hear that reading the blog has tipped you towards attending the retreat again this year. I understand that Abbey House may not be continuing as a Retreat Centre beyond 2017 so this may well be our last one in this sacred space so it’s great that you’ll be with us for this special experience. See you soon then!

  • Julia,
    I love this quote by Maya Angelou. Thank you. One of my other favorites is the following by Marcel Proust: The true journey consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having fresh eyes.

    What you share with us often gives me “fresh eyes” and for that I thank you, Julia.

    • Hi Helen, thanks for your comment and I’m so glad to have shared a quote that you like so much. I also like the Proust quote as “fresh eyes” make all the difference in the world. How lovely that you feel my offerings give you “fresh eyes” – I thank you for letting me know that as it inspires and encourages me to continue sharing 🙂

  • This has been my mantra the last 2 months. Flow like a river… I’ll miss you all in Glastonbury but I’ll be there in spirit! Conscious writing transformed my liFe and I’m dedicated to it as a daily practice.

    • Perfect synchronicity then Susan! We’ll be thinking of you… and thank you for sharing your experience of Conscious Writing here. It’s the practice of it that creates the alchemy that delivers the (often unexpected) magical outcomes. Enjoy the journey 🙂

  • I love, love what you write Julia. I myself am a writer and am, in fact beginning to work on my next project. I regret that you are so far away and therefore, I am unable to attend your programs. In the meantime, I look forward to what you have to share with us. The video’s are great and so helpful. May you be blessed a thousand fold.

    • Thank you so much Helen! I truly appreciate your lovely comments about my writing; they are inspiring me to continue with extra serving of enthusiasm 🙂 It’s good to know that you’re starting work on your next project and that the videos are helpful when geographical distance is an issue. I’m honoured by your blessing which I gratefully also return to you thricefold!

  • I have come to realise that the masculine ‘ Must Perform ‘ pressure is ultimately a very good way to arrive at ‘Burn Out’, especially if it is the sole approach being used. Over time I am finding that deploying female Easeful Unfolding as my primary approach, only moving into masculine focus as a project manifests, is vastly more beneficial. I feel we live in a society that is too driving and insufficiently reflecting before acting. More to learn here but your words are very valuable guidance. Thank you.

    • I agree that the pressure to perform – whatever form that comes in – often leads to burn out for both men and women.

      Easeful unfolding is an excellent primary approach and beautifully expressed. In my experience it delivers more meaningful and impactful results, especially when balanced with the masculine focus at the appropriate moments, or even better, when we develop the capacity to draw on the flow and focus simultaneously. That sounds impossible, like two opposing forces contradicting each other. Yet with practice and presence, it works!

      Thanks for sharing your insights and experience Peter.

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