Create Space to Boost Creativity

Friday 14 June 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I’m currently enjoying the space I’ve created to crystallize the vision and develop the details of the new phase I’m entering in my business and my life.

It isn’t always easy to dive into the unknowns that are an integral part of creating anything new; it often feels uncomfortable and requires a fair degree of courage and trust.

Yet instead of using the discomfort as a reason not to show up, I focus on feeling my inner calling to make a real difference and follow the thread of inspiration right into the mystery.

Existing Patterns

Creating internal and external space for creativity is a topic I’ve written on before* as it’s such an important part of the creative cycle.

It’s often overlooked because the cultural norm of the western world encourages everyone to be endlessly busy, and all of the doing increases the inclination towards incessant thinking.

The combination of a crowded schedule and a chattering mind actually results in reduced clarity, perspective and originality.

This is because there’s simply no space for ideas to come from anywhere other than already existing patterns of thought, memory or learning.

Infinite Possibility

However, the gateway to the quantum realm of infinite possibility is always there in the background; you just need to shift your attention to notice it and ultimately realize you’re an expression of it!

The empty space of pure potentiality is the true source of everything including authentic self-expression, radical solutions and leading edge innovation.

And with creativity coming out as the top soft skill in demand by organisations this year, it’s well worth knowing how to reach beyond the limitations of your everyday mind.

Fresh Perspectives

Approaching this from the inside out involves making it a priority to create inner space first as this becomes the opening through which the creative impulse of life pours.

There are countless tried and tested ways to create space in your mind.

Today I’m focusing on one particular aspect of a technique you’ve undoubtedly come across before – using the flow of your breath as an anchor to calm your internal chatter.

Direct Experience

This is a timeless practice that’s been taught for thousands of years quite simply because it works.

Paying attention to the breath flowing in and out of your body enables you to begin to notice the space that already exists between your thoughts, however fleeting it may initially be.

Instead of thinking about breathing, you experience the sensation directly.

This wakes you up from the trance of thinking and opens your awareness to the infinitely spacious direct experience of being that exists beyond thought.


Boosts Creativity

Now you know the space that truly boosts creativity and leads you, amongst other things, to have the confidence to claim the external space you need to reflect, plan and take inspired action.

In fact this is one of the foundations of a conscious approach to absolutely everything.

So next time you have an article to write, a decision to make or a new project to develop, I encourage you to remember the importance of creating space as an integral part of your creative process and enjoy being delightfully surprised by what you discover as a result.

Further Resources

* Click these hyperlinks to read my previous posts The Value of Space in the Creative Cycle and Create Space for Spontaneity.

If you’re interested to read more about how this applies to business and leadership, check out Derek Draper’s book Create Space.



  • Your email spoke to me this morning. Just before i opened your email, I was taking deep breaths to bring me into the present, the here and now. Just what I needed to read. I need to do more of this, to be more productive. I have goals to achieve and I feel that I can, by learning to create my time and space. Your recommended book by Derek Draper is in my shopping basket. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Angela; that’s good to hear. Shifting into the direct experience of being is a powerful way to be fully present in the moment. I hope it serves you well going forwards… and enjoy Derek’s book!

  • Thank you Julia for this timely reminder. I am aware that as the date approaches for my upcoming book launch, I am experiencing some hidden anxiety. Best to bring it up into the light of day, look at it, and breathe into it. Thank you again.

    • I understand Daphne. Yes, breathe into the anxiety and let it dissolve with each exhale. You might also consider journaling to get to the core of what’s causing the anxiety and then challenging or releasing it with your stream of consciousness writing.

      Remember too that every single person at your book launch will be there with love in their heart to support you to launch your book into the world. See you there!

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