Expand Your Sense of What’s Possible

Friday 26 July 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

Last weekend I immersed myself in the magnificently colourful and vibrant environment of the Larmer Tree Festival of Music and Creative Arts.

It’s an annual foray for me to honour my free spirit and nurture my creative soul with a deep dive that beautifully complements my everyday version of conscious living.

This year I needed to pace myself carefully and be respectful of my on-going healing journey.

Yet it was totally worth it; I left feeling tired but creatively re-fuelled at a rewardingly deep level.

Release Your Joy

Engaging in activities that release your joy is a high priority for the conscious approach I’m wholeheartedly committed to.

In fact it’s one of the foundational practices I encourage the soul-inspired professionals I work with to include on their priority list because it’s so effective for expanding your sense of what’s possible.

Joy is actually a facet of your natural state of being and readily accessible through clearing the clouds of conditioned patterns that block you from realizing it.

Embrace Inspiration

One effective way to do that is to know what inspires you and make a conscious choice to embrace inspiration as an integral part of your personal and professional life.

When you feel inspired, you’re filled with a creative force that breathes life into your ideas and carries you through the toughest challenges with courage in your heart.

Broaden Your Vision

One of the aspects I value from my festival experience is witnessing others following their bliss and showing up authentically as musicians, poets and artists of all kinds.

The same principle applies to hearing your favourite author read from their latest book or watching an experienced professional in your area of interest galvanize an audience.

The joy of feeling inspired from such an event can encourage you to broaden your vision and dare to step beyond your comfort zone and explore new opportunities.

Inspirational Outings

If you’re not sure what releases your innate joy, reflect on what you were drawn to as a child and makes some notes or mind map everything you can remember to give you some clues.

I didn’t go to any music and creative arts festivals when I was young but I’ve always loved using my imagination, music, playing with colour (paints and fabrics) and going on adventures…

Who’d have thought that I’d discover a way to experience a combination of these and more as one of my inspirational outings as an adult!

Recapture the Wonder

Recapturing the wonder and expanded sense of possibility that’s so natural for children is a genuine challenge of adulthood.

The delightful surprise is that doing so feeds directly in to your capacity for creative innovation and professional transformation.

So how will you choose to expand your sense of what’s possible today?


The image is an art installation that’s been specially created for the Larmer Tree Festival and installed as one of many in the magical “Lost Wood” area of the Larmer Tree gardens. Read more here.


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