Positive Solitude

Friday 09 June 2017 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I’ve always been drawn to spending time alone, immersed in my own inner world, exploring the insights and inspiration that inevitably bubble up to fill the space I consciously inhabit.

Over the years I’ve come to realize just how important solitude is for me to strengthen my connection to Source, recharge fully, and do the Work I’m here to do as skilfully as I can.

Developing all the different areas of content I’ve taught to individuals and groups has made it clear that some degree of positive solitude is essential for truly authentic self-expression, whatever form that takes.

Constructively Alone

So what do I mean by positive solitude?

Another way of expressing it is being constructively alone which is quite different from being lonely. I’ve certainly had my fair share of loneliness in life so I understand how excruciating that can feel.

Positive solitude, however, is a conscious appreciation of being alone and a sense of gratitude for the benefits of time spent in your own company.

The Benefits

These include the opportunity to empty your mind of everyday matters, reconnect with yourself at the deepest level and consciously experience your innate wholeness and your connection with all that “is”.

From here, being fully present to whatever content fills the time you spend in positive solitude arises quite naturally and you’re free to make conscious choices about what your priorities truly are.

Of course this presumes you have (or make) space in your schedule to dive into the experience rather than needing to rush around catching up on tasks you haven’t yet managed to complete!

Authentic Self-Expression

Many people go to great lengths to avoid being on their own and don’t know what to do or how to handle solitude in a positive way.

Yet if you feel drawn to authentic self-expression such as writing or creating a coaching or leadership programme, some degree of seclusion enables you to immerse yourself in your work without distraction, especially when you’re developing your ideas.

Truly authentic self-expression arises from a deep level of inner truth beyond the boundaries of your everyday conditioned mind.

Positive solitude combined with conscious awareness creates the right conditions for listening to the still small voice of your creative soul – and receiving a response!

When was the last time you enjoyed some positive solitude? Please share your comments and experience below.


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