5 Steps to Craft Your Creative Vision for 2019

Sunday 06 January 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I know that January isn’t celebrated as the start of the New Year by everyone but for me it’s one opportunity among many to harness the potential of new beginnings.

So I immerse myself in that inspiring alpha energy and ride the wave of creative possibilities and fresh perspectives.

The turn of the calendar year always feels like a good time to do an end of year review and reflect on all that has happened over the previous 12 months (read more here).

In the space that process creates, there’s room for me to make conscious choices about what’s most important for the next phase of my life and work.

Claim Your Right to Create

Along the way I’ve realized that this approach requires me to claim my right to create and express myself authentically in the world rather than wait for some mythical permission to arrive from elsewhere.

When I do so, the positive knock-on effect is that I’m then able to show up more joyfully for all of my commitments.

As a result, it turns out that everyone benefits from me making it a priority to create what I’m here to create in all areas of my life!

Craft Your Creative Vision

I’ve also discovered that setting creative intentions works best when I remember to leave room for unexpected magic to happen.

The vision gives focus to the creative flow which is important; however, there needs to be space for spontaneity too.

With that said, here’s my 5 step process for you to craft your creative vision for 2019.

Ideally you’ll begin with the end of year review process then take a break.

When you’re ready to start visioning, you’ll need some plain paper and a pen (or several of different colours) to do a mind map.

Step #1

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax your body by letting go of any tension you’re holding with each exhale.

Drop your attention into the lower part of your belly and focus on your breathing to settle your everyday mind into stillness.

Notice the stillness that’s already present as a quality of your true nature and immerse yourself in that.

Step# 2

When you feel ready, turn your paper sideways (landscape) and write in the centre ‘My Creative Vision for 2019’

Step #3

Now write key words that cover the most important areas of your life as branches extending out from the centre.

You could use any of the following possibilities and of course come up with your own ideas as well:

  • spirituality
  • health and well-being
  • relationships
  • creative projects
  • leisure and fun
  • work and business priorities
  • financial abundance
  • learning, growth and development…

Step #4

Reflect on each area and add words or phrases as sub-branches which identify specific areas you’d like to explore and intentions you’d like to set for 2019.

For example, you may want to:

  • Begin, develop or recommit to a regular meditation practice as an extension of “spirituality”;
  • Improve your health and fitness by adjusting your diet and adding conscious movement to your regular regime;
  • Develop writing as a sub-branch of “creativity” so you’ll add the forms you feel drawn to such as blogging, book(s), and/or business communications… then add any content ideas you already have for each one.

Allow your ideas to flow onto the page freely and without judgement even if you have no idea how they will manifest. Simply stay connected to the vision and enjoy playing with possibilities.

If you run out of space, feel free to do additional mind maps on specific areas where you have a lot of ideas and detail to capture.

Step #5

When the process draws to a natural conclusion, go for a walk and use a notebook or your phone to record additional ideas that may arise as you move your body.

Add these to your mind map until it feels done – at least for now.

Once you’ve completed your creative vision, look at it daily for the next 21 days and on the 1st of each month thereafter to remain connected to your intentions.

Use it as a guide to plan your actions and make it a priority to follow through on your chosen priorities whilst enjoying each phase of your journey through 2019!

Where are you in relation to knowing what your creative intentions are for this year and what’s your highest priority? Please share your comments and experience below. Thank you!


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