Nurture Your Creative Soul

Friday 27 April 2018 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

Yesterday afternoon I made a conscious choice to take a break and spend a few hours in one of my favourite places – a beautiful woodland area which, at this time of year, is carpeted with bluebells.

I love the sight of sunlight pouring through the trees and lighting up the purple array of these delicate flowers against a backdrop of fresh green leaves emerging from winter branches.

As I walked through this sunlit bluebell wood and paused to immerse myself fully in the sheer magnificence of nature, I stood in open-hearted awe and felt the fullness of life pouring through me.

The enormity of the “wow” was equalled by an unfathomable depth of gratitude for the opportunity to refill my inner well so effectively after the recent intensity of creating and launching my latest project.

An Integral Part of Life

I’ve known about the importance of nurturing my creative soul for many years.

Now, I’ve reached a point (finally!) where I’m able to make the conscious choices required for creative re-fuelling to be an integral part of my life.

Spending time in nature will always be one of my favourite options alongside growing fruit and vegetables, cooking colourful meals, listening to music and dancing, going to concerts and festivals…

Missing the Moment

Yet with a busy schedule and multiple deadlines to meet, it’s all too easy to delay such delightful forays and end up missing the moment altogether.

When that becomes a habit, I can tell you from personal experience that you end up in a state of depletion.

Sooner or later your creative flow will dries up and the negative effects on your health and well-being make themselves known to you in varying degrees of severity.

Creative Living over the Long Term

So today I feel inspired to remind you of the importance of nurturing your creative soul and ensuring that you regularly replenish the energy you’re giving out to the world.

This is a principle that I’ll continue to teach because it’s so often neglected amongst the incessant demands of everyday life.

Yet truly creative living can only be sustained over the long term when you find the balance between giving and receiving at a level that works for you.

Feeling Creatively Alive

It doesn’t matter how you refill your inner well as long as you realize the value of incorporating it into your daily life in one way or another.

Ideally you’ll frequently include a range of small and more substantial ways to boost your feelings of being creatively alive.

It’s certainly a joy to see bluebells in the garden through the office window; yet sometimes that’s just not enough.

Every now and then you need to get out there for a full scale immersion no matter how many items are on your “To Do” list, and feel the surge in your creative soul by giving yourself full permission to do so!

How often do you take time to nurture your creative soul and what are your favourite ways of doing so? Please share your comments or ask a question below. Thank you!


  • I totally agree with the importance of going to nature to recharge the batteries of the soul.

    I understand the importance and I do my best to go to special places where there is lots of nature.

    Also on my daily walks, I choose to pay close attention to the trees, birds, sky, sounds, grass, weeds, flowers, and more.

    • Thank you John. It’s good to hear that you go to special places in nature to recharge and are conscious of the details of the natural world on your daily walks. Enjoy!

  • Thank you Julia for the beautiful pictures. I have a beautiful garden filled at the moment with flowering white blossom trees, and of course bluebells carpeting the ground. As my mobility is now more limited I refresh myself by going out frequently into my garden, also inspecting my growing seedlings for my raised vegetable bed, all at the moment in my small greenhouse. This is a most beautiful time of the year and a constant source of joy. Even my neighbour’s blood red acer tree adds to the Beauty!

    • It’s been my pleasure to share them Daphne, thank you for appreciating them and for your delightful description of your garden. How lovely that you’re growing vegetables too! Enjoy the process from seed to table, and yes, it is indeed a beautiful time of year, especially when the sun is shining!

  • Really superb photos, so lovely to feel I am There to. We also live near bluebell woods, however I left it just too late to see them at their best, we did see some beautiful wood anenomies, And May bloom, buttercups in the nearby meadow and some PHEASANTS flying by, oh and the fresh green leaves as well as birdsong, So, a lovly reminder that the woods and the surrounding fields have othere treasures. Felt so at peace and ready to embark on a new week the following day.returning to mother earth and Her gifts remonded me of how creative nature is.

    • Thank you Fiona. You may have missed the bluebells but it seems that you’ve enjoyed a great deal from your excursion into the wood and I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been reminded of the creativity of nature.

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