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Friday 06 April 2018 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

My original inspiration for creating the Conscious Writing Retreat came primarily from my experience of writing the book.

In a recent post, I shared how it took a whole year for me to write Part One as I was dipping in and out of the writing alongside my other commitments.

When I signed the contract with Hay House, I found myself with a tight deadline to meet; I needed to write the other three parts in just five months!

Clearly I had to raise the bar significantly to have any chance of delivering the completed manuscript on time.

Creative Immersion

This is what prompted me to schedule personal retreats in my diary for what I call creative immersion.

These highly valuable breaks from the distractions and commitments of everyday life enable you to focus on pursuing your impulse to create and write the stories and insights you feel called to create and write.

Having guided others for many years to aim for the optimum combination of short and long writing sessions, it was time to deepen my own experience of both.

Short and Long

Regular short stints of writing are ideal for developing a rhythm that supports you to overcome any resistance you feel by training your mind to live the reality that writer’s write!

The longer periods of time and space are perfect for engaging with your ideas and the words you’ll use to share them with others at the deepest possible level.

Vibrant and Authentic

Creative immersion includes all that’s required to enable the right words to meet the page in the most vibrant and authentic way.

Drawing on the core principles of Conscious Writing, this involves the all-important inner preparation to become present and aligned before you write.

This is how to set yourself free from the old patterns and fears that so often block the experience of conscious flow.

Holistic Approach

My personal retreats developed from this foundation and included the components of my usual daily practice such as meditation, conscious movement, spending time in nature, and more.

I loved my creative immersion time, and have no doubt that my ability to complete the manuscript in a way that felt like “mission accomplished” and meet the deadline came from this holistic approach.

I immediately shared the benefit of my experience with the people I mentor, and it wasn’t long before the idea to offer a similar opportunity for groups arrived and the Conscious Writing Retreat was born.

Original Combination

I adapted my individual process to suit a group retreat and included specifics such as:

  • conscious actions to create a sacred and safe space for our work together
  • morning meditation practices to prepare the ground of creative being
  • daily themes to steer the focus and actions during the group and individual time
  • creative exercises, guided visualization and of course plenty of writing, as well as
  • optional extras like yoga, 5 Rhythms-inspired dance, and truly memorable open mic sessions!

This original combination of components has served participants beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m genuinely humbled by the deep transformation and quantum leaps in progress that so many people have made.

“Life-changing” has been used as a description of the experience by at least one person from each retreat so far (read actual testimonials here), and I fell in love with leading retreats within 20 mins of the first one starting!

On-going Connections

One of the aspects I’m most delighted by is the depth of connection that has occurred between retreat participants, many of whom lack such peer group support in everyday life.

Buddy partnerships and on-going friendships have been formed, and this has led me to begin the process of creating the first Conscious Writing Retreat Reunion which will take place in the UK later this year.

Conscious Writing USA

And now the moment has arrived to share the experience internationally too!

I’m honoured to have been invited to lead a Conscious Writing Retreat by the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, one of the most prestigious holistic learning centres in the world.

It’s taking place from Sunday 9 to Friday 14 September at their gorgeous Rhinebeck campus, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

It’s a perfect environment where you can chill out in the Sanctuary or by the 80-acre Long Pond Lake or join in open classes to help you relax and unwind in addition to our guided retreat sessions.

Live and In Person

My hope in sharing all of this with you is that you’ll feel inspired to join me and the other participants to experience the first Conscious Writing Retreat USA live and in person!

If you were to design your ideal retreat experience, what would it include? Please share your ideas and comments, or ask a question below. Thank you!

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