Conscious Writing Core Practice # 2: Spend Time in Nature

Friday 01 September 2017 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

One of the most significant aspects of my recent silent retreat was spending time in nature and immersing myself in the mystery and magic of the natural world.

It is part of my everyday life; yet having an extended period of time to enjoy all that nature has to offer always feels like such a gift.

I’ve had many awe-inspiring experiences in nature over the years and still discover new levels of awareness, alignment and connection as a result.

Tropical Shock

Many years ago, my first visit to a tropical jungle was initially quite a shock to my system.

We’d travelled for what felt like forever on Venezuelan roads riddled with gaping holes and ended up on an undulating dirt track cut right through the forest.

Finally we came to the point where the track simply ran out – the proverbial end of the road!

As we walked the final stretch to the remote retreat centre, all of my senses were on supreme alert.

The Vibrancy of Life

Never before had I felt such life all around me, especially at night when the song of the tree frogs and vibrancy of the jungle escalated to an incredible symphony of sound.

My initial feelings of separation from such an unfamiliar environment and all it contained soon gave way to an open embrace that felt deeply nurturing.

The more I opened my heart to accept everything exactly as it was, the more connected I felt as fear of this unknown territory gave way to the freedom of aligning with this exotic and colourful expression of life.

By the time I left, I had a true glimpse of the ease with which native peoples have lived for thousands of years in fruitful harmony and complete connection with nature.

A Creative Force

I also felt a deeper appreciation and respect for nature as an immense and powerful creative force.

Connecting with that triggered an upsurge of ideas, energy and enthusiasm for me to explore new forms of creative self-expression in all areas of my life, including writing.

I loved the impact it had (and still has) on my overall sense of health, well-being and flow, and I’m not alone in experiencing that –  and more – from spending time in nature (read my previous post on it here).

Something Greater

Yet the real reason it’s so important for Conscious Writers is that it opens the way to tap into something far greater than the mundane perception of the ordinary mind.

It’s a gateway to the “conscious” of Conscious Writing as it reminds you of the wholeness of which you are an individual expression.

When you pay attention to the opening it provides, it also enables you to experience a conscious connection with your true self.

And when you feel drawn to write, it’s more likely to arise from that authentic space of being and pour through you onto the page.

One Conscious Choice

Even if you live in the midst of the city, when you realize the true value of spending time in nature, it only takes one conscious choice to make that a reality for yourself in whatever way works for you.

Small and large actions all count, and ideally there will be a mix of both.

There’s no need to travel to the “end of the road” to embrace nature as a foundation for Conscious Writing and Conscious Living generally.

So what are you willing you do today to nurture your connection with nature and experience the benefits for yourself? Please share your comments below.


  • I appreciate you blogs. I have your book, journal, and cd. I just ordered another cd from you. I honor your work, I am just beginning your book, I love it, it speaKs to me. I have also listened to all three videos, they are very helpful, I will practice… walk sacred, talk sacred, Jesse-blue

    • Thank you Jesse-blue, I really appreciate you sharing your appreciation for my work! I’m truly delighted to hear that my book speaks to you and that you found the videos helpful.

      Yes, I encourage you to put what you learn into practice to know the theory from inside-out personal experience. Enjoy walking the sacred talk… Julia

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