Authenticity for Authors

Friday 27 July 2018 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

A couple of weeks ago I attended a book launch organised by a friend and colleague whose book has just been published*.

However it wasn’t billed as a launch at all.

Instead I was invited to a Book Blessing, and everything about the celebration sang a song of authentic choices for how this book would be birthed into the world.

I loved it!

Authenticity at Every Level

The teaching that fills the pages of the book and the voice that shines through are perfumed with a level of authenticity that comes from having the courage to stand firmly in your truth come what may.

The same degree of individual preference is apparent from the professional independent publishing option selected and the approach to marketing that’s already successfully spreading the word far and wide.

Clearly the received wisdom of what “should” be done at each stage of the writing and publishing process has been dissolved into what feels truly authentic at every single level for this particular author.

Author, Authority, Authentic

I’m sharing this with you because it shows what’s possible for you as an author when you claim your innate authority to write and publish your book in a way that’s absolutely authentic to you.

Note that all three words have the same root; there’s an important message in that.

Yet it’s all too easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by the unfamiliar world of publishing and find yourself caught in a net of requirements with endless steps you “should” be taking.

Your True Purpose

Before you reach that point, if you haven’t already done so, I recommend that you take time and space to reflect deeply and write down:

  • your true purpose for writing your book ,
  • what you’re aiming for as a published author
  • and what success genuinely looks – and feels like – for you.

Let go of what your conditioned patterns (or other people) dictate about what you “should” be doing and find your way into your inner core to align yourself with the essence of who you are.

Your authentic voice arises from there, and so does your natural authority to make decisions about your authorship based on what’s right for you as an individual.

Appropriate Actions

Once you’re clear about your intentions you can take appropriate actions in the knowledge that you’ve chosen your way forwards consciously.

If that involves being traditionally published and seeing your book on the bestseller list, there will undoubtedly be hoops you need to jump through to make the grade and turn that vision into reality.

If you’re drawn to explore the wide range of alternative publishing options, by all means take advice from those who have the knowledge and experience you lack, but remember that the final choice is yours.

Either way, whatever route to market you select, keep checking in with yourself to make sure you’re still on track with what feels authentic for you as an author; and above all, enjoy the journey!

What’s your view of the role authenticity has to play at each stage of the writing and publishing process? Please share your comments and experience below. Thank you!


* Huge congratulations to Katie Brockhurst on the successful publication of her excellent new book Social Media for a New Age. Check it out and buy your copy here



[Main photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash]


  • Yes, authenticity is such a big one. goes to every word we write, every thought we have. i am writing a book about conversation. authenticity goes to every word we speak too. and they happen fast, rarely time to stop and breathe and think about each word. and yet … what i’m finding is that the longer i practice, the deeer i go, the more i become myself, the more inseperable i am, then the harder it becomes to be inauthentic. there’s a little bell inside that goes off, “hey, Peter, is that you in there?”there will always be moments where i sway off the path, but the bell rings sooner and i respond quicker. and with a bigger smile. home again!

    • Yes indeed, Peter, authenticity impacts the smallest details and the largest actions… and I love your description of the bell that goes off when you begin to stray off the path, challenging you to return back home to yourself. It sounds like you’re well on your way to developing a strong and enduring relationship with authenticity. Thanks so much for sharing how you stay on track!

  • I love the idea of a book blessing, feels so much more nurturing than a launch for me. I am continually looking for authenticity in writing my current book and with how much, and how, to share. Thank you Julia.

    • Yes, nurturing is a good way to describe it Mary and it’s great to hear that you love this idea. I wish you well on your journey to find the most authentic ways forward with your book. Thanks for your comment.

  • being authentic with my intentions and my writing seems to be the driving force behind my choices, whether those choices are writing related or life related. I appreciate your mindfulness.

    • Hi Sara, it’s great to hear that you’re being authentic with your intentions as well as your writing and the other choices you make in your life. It’s an important reminder to begin with consciously chosen authentic intentions so thank you for including that in your comment. I wish you well with all of your authentic choices!

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