A Key Lesson Learned from Writing 100 Blogs

Friday 16 November 2018 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

With just a few weeks to go before the 2nd anniversary of this “Conscious Writing for Creative Living” blog, today I’m celebrating this as my 100th post!

Each week I print what I’ve written and file it in a large purple ring binder that’s now almost full.

It’s rewarding to look back over the last 99 posts and feel a sense of creative satisfaction from this tangible testament to my commitment to keep showing up, come what may.*

Greatest Fulfilment

Yet the greatest fulfilment by far comes from the comments made when a post has resonated deeply or the timing has been just right or sharing my story has made a positive contribution to someone’s process.

Those connections validate every second spent reflecting, exploring ideas and cultivating the most conscious state I’m able to embody in order to write as creatively and authentically as I can.

Best Practice

Before I launched the blog, I did some research on “best practice” to learn from the experience of others who have hundreds of blogs under their belt from many years of writing.

I came across an abundance of advice and tips on how to come up with ideas, structure good posts, craft “killer headlines” and write “irresistible introductions”!

It was certainly interesting to review all of this information and some of it made good sense.

However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that very little of it resonated with the energy of my holistic approach.

Remaining in Integrity

So I took on board some of the principles and, as I usually do in such situations, found my own way forwards.*

If I were more “savvy” about the use of key words and killer headlines, it is possible that subscriber numbers might sky-rocket… or not as the case may be?

Like everyone who blogs, my aim is to reach as many people as possible who could benefit from, and enjoy, my musings on a conscious and creative approach to writing, living and leadership.

Ultimately, I do the best I can with marketing whilst first and foremost remaining in integrity with the essence of the message.

Key Lesson Learned

A key lesson I’ve learned from writing 100 blogs as a Conscious Writer is to draw from the present moment always.

This “ground zero” approach is aligned with wholeness and leads you to ask yourself:

  • What’s present for me right now?
  • Where is the relevance to my core message?
  • What wants to find its way into form at this time?
  • What challenges are the people I mentor struggling with this week?
  • How can I craft a communication or share a story to inspire, inform and uplift my readers?

Conscious Inquiry

Approaching this as a conscious inquiry means that it’s not just an intellectual exercise.

It requires opening yourself at every level to feel your way in to the intuitive promptings beyond the boundaries of your conditioned mind; then blending the input in the crucible of your being.

From there you follow the flow to the page and translate the essence into form as best you can to transmit the most vibrant expression of the living reality your words are pointing towards.

On-Going Journey

Conscious Writing is an on-going journey of infinite being and endless becoming.

Writing this blog certainly continues to teach me a great deal about both, and my highest intention is that it inspires, guides and supports you on your journey to explore the truth of conscious being and creative becoming.

Thank you for being such an integral part of the process!


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Three Small Requests

If you enjoy reading what I write, I would be honoured if you’d consider following through on the following requests:

  1. Take a moment to share your comments on posts that resonate with you at least once in a while.
  2. Spread the word by telling at least one person about the blog and encouraging them to subscribe.
  3. Let me know what topics you’d like to see me write about in the next 100 posts.You can share your ideas in the comments below or send an email to Julia@JuliaMcCutchen.com

Thank you!


  • Hi,
    Happy 100th blog post ! It is always a good remember for me when I read your posts to go back home (my TrueSelf) before taking any decision and to guide my life. I have a tendency to follow my rational side and most of the time, it is not the good way . I love to read that you followed your heart to write your posts, instead of just following the “how to” given by internet expert. It is so confusing sometimes for me. Thank you so much for taking the time and the energy to share your story with us. Love.

    • Hi Guylaine, thank you! I very much appreciate your comment and for letting me know that my posts guide you back to your true self – that’s very good to hear. I hope my story continues to inspire you to express yourself increasingly from the ground of your being in all areas of your life. Julia x

  • Thank you, Julia, for your commitment to show up for 100 weeks to help keep us on track to live consciously and creatively. I love reading your blogs which inspire me to focus on my creative authenticity and being open to do what feels right for me.

    • Thank you Jeanine for continuing to comment on the blogs which inspire you the most. I love reading the comments and in turn they inspire me to keep writing on all topics relating to conscious and creative writing, living and leadership (more of the latter to emerge in due course)!

  • Julia – Congratulations on reaching your 100! A tremendous achievement. Your blogs are mega valuable and form a superb body of guidance. They are stored religiously by me and are genuinely transformative as regards actual output as a writer. I shall honour your commitment properly by answering your 3 questions properly – this message of great gratitude is for now. All the very best. Peter

    • Thank you Peter! It’s wonderful to hear how valuable you feel the blogs are and specifically that they’re genuinely transformative for your output as a writer. I’ll look forward to reading some of your writing one of these days and thank you in advance for responding to my 3 questions as and when you’re ready. It does feel like my commitment is honoured every time I receive a comment and I’m deeply grateful for yours always. Julia

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