Walking the Conscious Path

Friday 04 October 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt an inexpressible calling to explore the mystery of inner realms and their relationship to the outer world as an approach to living a life of meaning, purpose and contribution.

Ultimately there’s no distinction between internal and external as they arise from the same Source.

Yet in relative terms the concepts used with awareness serve as useful points of reference for what can often be a wild ride through life’s phases of serenity and storm!

A Conscious Approach

Today I’m following an intuitive impulse to share more about the conscious approach to writing, living and leadership which continues to unfold as my life’s work.

It’s prompted by the dramatic difference the awareness I’ve cultivated over many years has made to my experience of finding my way through intense and unexpected challenges over the last year.

My commitment to embody that awareness through walking the talk and living the work has enabled me to stay aligned and open to powerful and deep transformation (most of the time!)

A new paradigm is emerging and we all have a part to play through
finding a new way forwards and inspiring others to do the same
for individual and collective evolution.

My contribution flows through what I’ve come to call the Conscious Path which is an inner-directed orientation to life where everything happens for a reason and your perspective shifts from the personal to the universal.

As you integrate all aspects of yourself to restore your innate wholeness, your experience of life, including your relationships with yourself and others, your work, and your vision of what’s possible, is transformed.

The positive impact of this dynamic path of depth, mastery and flow is undeniable.

A Genuine Difference

In my experience it’s one of the most effective ways to shift from fear to love, close the gap between vision and reality, and make a genuine difference from a place of:

  • Clarity about what’s truly important to you;
  • Courage to live in alignment with your values and speak/write your truth;
  • Confidence from having access to inner stillness no matter how turbulent your outer circumstances may be.

The Conscious Path applies directly to everyday matters because it leads to skilful and effective handling of whatever arises without distraction from wanting things to be different than they are.

As you wake up from the trance of thinking, you increasingly break free of habitual patterns.

This gives you access to a deeper, more intuitive intelligence that prompts direct perception of what “is” and naturally results in conscious action that’s appropriate for the immediate situation.

Step into Your True Power

However, understanding the principles intellectually will only take you so far; sooner or later you’ll notice a frustrating gap between your realizations and your reality.

Walking the Conscious Path involves a commitment to step into your true power by embodying your insights and applying what you’ve learned to the greatest degree you’re able to at any given moment of time.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself skipping, dancing and leaping forwards; at other times you’ll need to shuffle slowly or take a single step before pausing to regroup.

That’s fine, it all counts!

Core Principles of the Conscious Path

Whether you’ve just started exploring a more authentic approach or have decades of experience with the foundational practices of meditation, conscious movement, journaling and nurturing your creative soul, the core principles of the Conscious Path remain the same:

  • Develop awareness to discover your true nature as the space out of which who you think you are plays out.
  • Maintain that alert, present and heartful state of being which increasingly becomes your default setting.
  • Live and work from the mysterious ground of pure potential to make the contribution that only you can make.

Imagine a world where everyone is joyfully aligned with who they truly are and empowered to express themselves creatively, make conscious choices to realize their full potential and meet challenges skilfully…

For me this is a vision worth working towards.

How about you?


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  • Since the Conscious Writing Retreats, in 2015-2016 at the Abbey House in Glastonbury, I chose and was initiated into a Conscious way of life. It has allowed me to weather the storms since then and become aligned with my true voice. As you know Julia, my life was transformed. I wrote and published two books as a result. The group of writers I shared that special space with have become close friends. Several of us just collaborated on a book, “Believe You Can Live A Life You Love at 50+“, Testimony indeed for the Conscious Path!

    • Beautiful Susan! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am aware at least in part of how transformational this path has been for you; I honour you for your commitment to staying the course and for who you’ve become as a result… oh, and for becoming an author twice over 🙂

  • I concur with everything that Susan says about the Conscious Writing Retreats in Glastonbury. I have written my own book The Heroine’s Journey and collaborated in the book “Believe You Can Live a Life You Love at 50.” Thank you Julia for leading us onto the Conscious Path.

    • Thank you Daphne, the retreats truly were transformational and will undoubtedly remain a highlight of the last few years for me too as well as inspiration for a new conscious retreat offering still to come. All that I said for Susan equally applies to you and I’ll look forward to learning more about your new book soon!

  • Excellent guidance, Julia, and truly the way to go for ultimate personal unfolding. As you say, we stand on the cusp of a New Consciousness. Will humanity make it? This is very uncertain but it behoves us all to become ” Cleared ” of our habitual trance patterns and to evolve towards more easeful ways of Being. Your advice from your own experience is truly valuable and inspiring. Thank you.

    • Thank you Peter, I appreciate your comment. Will humanity make it indeed?! Yes, the more we clear our individual dross, the more the collective gold has a chance to shine through and transform our current trajectory.

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