A Simple Practice for Staying Centred

Friday 27 March 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

One of the most significant shifts I’ve been through has been the transition from intellectual understanding to infinite awareness, and finding my way into the space where the two intersect.

This awareness arises from deep immersion in the present moment – the eternal Now – where I’m effortlessly centred.

It continually reveals to me the true nature of reality and myself as an expression of that; like the individual wave that’s inseparable from the ocean.

Aligning with true nature and consciously embodying that is a moment to moment practice which transforms my whole experience of life, the universe and everything.

More to Life

The value of maintaining this awake, aligned and embodied outlook is worth every second of clock time required to remember that there’s so much more to life than the surface story – important though that is at the relative level.

Awakening to present moment awareness has opened the way for me to show up fully to the process of aligning my life and work with who I truly am, and this journey continues to deepen as clock time passes.

However, I feel the reality of truth and freedom now, and continue to make it one of my highest priorities to remain conscious and centred no matter what “outer” circumstances present themselves.

In my experience this is the most significant game changer in life, and I genuinely feel honoured to have the opportunity to guide others to experience the same.

Staying Centred

Present moment awareness is one of the most effective ways to stay centred in times of individual and global transformation.

It serves as an anchor to keep you grounded despite uncertainty, and supports you to maintain your perspective on what’s truly important without getting caught up in anxiety and fear.

So here’s a simple practice for you to become centred through diving in to present moment awareness:

  • Choose an object to focus on: I love using a flower or something else from the natural world but you can use anything that feels right for you; a crystal, a vase or simply the cup of coffee that’s on the desk in front of you.
  • Gaze at it softly with your full attention: use what Henry David Thoreau describes as “the unworn sides of your eyes”. This is like seeing it for the very first time and feeling the wonder of doing so. Stay focused on your object for as long as it feels right, then…
  • Continue looking at the object and expand your awareness by using your peripheral vision to notice everything else around you: immerse yourself fully in the awareness of both simultaneously. The pause in your stream of thoughts this creates is the gap you need to drop into present moment awareness.

I recommend using this practice for brief periods initially and gradually extending the amount of time you’re able to abide in a state of centred presence with minimal interruption from your internal dialogue.

It won’t take long before you’re able to apply the practice for a few moments at any time during your day.

It’s especially effective when you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed; just do the practice for long enough to feel a subtle shift in perspective take place within you.

Then take whatever actions you need to take from that state of centred awareness, and pay attention to the quality of all that subsequently arises to witness the impact of your transformed view.


  • Thank you Julia for this timely and valuable practice. I find that I do this sometimes when I see my cat sprawled out asleep, a picture of utter relaxation and bliss. I find I am relaxing too as my heart goes out to him.

    • How lovely that you’re drawing on the sight of your deeply relaxed cat to drop into deeper alignment with your depth Daphne. Thank you for sharing this delightful image with us!

    • Thank you for receiving the frequency Susan and for sharing that you’ve done so! As we heal ourselves from the inside out, we also heal the world… Namaste

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