The Elegant Simplicity of What Is

Friday 25 September 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

At this epic time of change and transformation, I’m prompted to share this personal reflection on the power of simplicity for elucidating what’s truly important and readily discernable beyond the busyness of everyday distractions…

The Vision

The smooth grey rock of the narrow ledge gives way to a sharp descent that cuts directly through to the canyon below.

The highest branches of the tall trees seem distant from this elevated position, and in the distance, a solitary buzzard soars effortlessly in overlapping circles punctuating the sky with a majestic presence.

The panoramic view of distant horizons expands my internal space as the physical boundaries dissolve.

Beyond the layers of everyday complexity, lucid vision reveals the elegant simplicity of what is – nothing more, nothing less.

Essential Clarity

All that obscures the essential clarity has melted to reveal the clear-cut core.

The commitment to maintain this view is confirmed in every moment of every day.

I know the challenge that this presents; the valley is filled with creative projects and mundane tasks, commitments here and meetings there, the stuff of life that fills my days.

The complications draw me in until I’m caught inside the web of never finding space and time to sing the fundamental song I carry deep within my heart.

Embracing Change

Yet courage for embracing change has led me to the mountain scene where all is effortlessly clear and the elegance of essence reigns.

I take my leave, refreshed from seeing candid truth hidden in transparent sight; my open eyes once again focus on the dream of life.

What areas of your life would benefit from some degree of simplification in order for you to see more clearly what truly matters?


  • Today i cleaned a cupboard and gave away, and threw away that which i have not used in 10 years since imoved in this home
    It gave me space and openness and less clutter
    I realized this is symbolic of what is taking place in my heart and soUl right now
    I am getting ready for what is next in my life

    • Congratulations Julie! That sounds like an excellent start to simplifying and clearing your space. Yes, it is absolutely connected to what’s going on inside you and how you feel. As within; so without AND as without; so within! A great preparation for what’s around the next corner for you.

  • i climbed a mountain and marvelled at the panoramic view that greeted me on my ascendant and a condor flew past as if waiting for my arrival. a moment to treasure and reflect on my journey to reach the top. simple, challenging and rewarding.

  • I am in the process of simplifying my expectations of what I can accomplish in one day. This has become a necessity for my peace of mind as my body shifts into a slower mode (the gift of aging?) and unlike my younger, energetic self, seeks a balance of stillness and activity. A major change I’m learning to embrace: redefining “productivity” in terms of both inner discovery and outer, visible accomplishments.

    • Good for you Helen. What you’re describing is an immensely powerful shift, and no matter what age or state of health we’re experiencing, the balance of stillness and activity is a core component of conscious living… and the way I see and experience it, inner discovery is the foundation of outer accomplishments that are truly authentic and in alignment with your soul.

  • What incredible power in the words ” Finding Space and Time to sing the fundamental Song I carry deep within my Heart.” This has to be the secret of entering living the Lived Life. Brilliant! Thank you from my heart, Julia.

    • Heartfelt thanks to you too Peter for the clarity you draw on to identify and comment on specifics in the blogs which resonate powerfully.

      Living the “Lived Life” sounds good to me! I’ll just add “with awakened mind and with awakened heart”… and here’s to embodying and manifesting that reality for one and all!

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