Walking the Path

Friday 14 August 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I was originally drawn to working as a publisher through a lifelong interest in exploring the spiritual wisdom which books in the mind, body, spirit category address.

Over the course of my career I was fortunate enough to learn a great deal from each author I worked with and each book I was involved in publishing.

I felt honoured to meet Native American shamans as well as experts on meditation, healing and holistic living, and facilitate the process for those ground-breaking individuals to share their teachings with an international audience.

The Glass Ceiling

I was committed to applying what I learned in my life and experienced the benefits of doing so for many years.

However, the business grew rapidly and eventually the pressure of working absurdly long hours and taking on increasing amounts of responsibility took its toll.

I ended up knowing a fair amount about the subjects I’d published books on but hit the glass ceiling that separates intellectual understanding from “walking the path”.

Direct Experience of Truth

Everything changed following a head injury from a falling stage spotlight that triggered a deep awakening and led me into direct experience of the Truth I’d spent so many years publishing books about.

Embodying the awakened perspective became – and has remained – one of my highest priorities.

Direct Knowing with every fibre of my being took priority over mind based comprehension, and it continues to be a daily practice all these years later.

You Are the River

The difference between the two initially feels quite subtle.

However, with practice, the lived experience of the intuitive felt sense expands into unmistakeable “messages” which guide your thoughts, feelings and actions.

It’s a bit like the quantum leap that comes from releasing the habit of “pushing the river” and realizing you are the river; everything switches from black and white to high definition, vibrant and full spectrum colour!

When you’re present, aligned and in integrity with your soul, life flows through you with ease and grace.

One Small Step

The shift from intellectual understanding to “walking the path” occurs through increasing your awareness and making a commitment to take one small step at a time*.

These steps could include conscious choices to:

  • Carry forwards the calm from your morning practice into your day and prompt yourself by setting reminders on your phone to pause and deepen that connected state of being.
  • Inhabit your body fully when you engage in any form of conscious movement to access the innate intelligence of your body rather than remaining locked in your mind.
  • Identify what you need to live consciously, creatively and joyfully, and integrate your discoveries into your life, like deciding to spend time in nature, then making that a reality.

One of my favourite quotes which I often share at the end of my courses and classes comes from the film The Matrix.

The character Morpheus explains to Neo, “Sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Aligning your life and work with who you truly are will not come from intellectual analysis alone; ultimately it comes from walking the path.


* See my previous post on taking the first step here


  • Julia, I enjoyed your thoughts about what you have learned from your clients and your goal of applying their teachings into your life. I have felt the same with my clients. Each one of them exposes their wisdom to me, which I value and hope to hang onto.

    Walking the path depends on which path. Is it a health path (which includes nutrition and exercise, Is it the relationship path of being a woman, mother, friend, sister, wife, partner and grandmother. Is it the spiritual path of inner wisdom that needs to be nurtured as do the paths listed above.

    • Hi Roe, I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed this post and recognize the echo of experience with your clients. Thanks for sharing that.

      With regard to “which path”, for me they all integrate into one.

      Take Conscious and Creative Living, for example. It includes health and well-being, relationships (with self and others) and the inner wisdom that comes through spiritual maturity… and more!

  • Firstly – wow-credit to your photographer, superb image! I totally agree with what you say, there is an ocean between knowing something and doing it, and another between doing it and fully living it. We are all taking baby steps, so falling down is ok.

    • Hi Lesley, the image is beautiful isn’t it although it wasn’t one I had taken specially. I like your distinctions of knowing / doing / living fully. Yes, baby steps mean that falling is part of the learning process; it’s the getting back up that counts!

  • Julia – Your point about moving from intellectual knowledge to actually
    ” Walking the Path ” is so vital if we are to break free for real, and then moving on to say that the trigger for this shift is accessing who one really is is the genius insight. Thank you for bringing these 2 profound guidances forth.

    All the very best

    • Thank you Peter. As you say, it’s about breaking free… (and more) “for real”, not just thinking about it!

      Any degree of commitment to knowing who you truly are will only come to full fruition when it is embodied and expressed in daily life.
      All the very best

  • After moving my business recently, I wish to also move into new beginnings, both spiritually and creatively. Reading your inspirational message, it is a wonderful thought to be the river and to embrace life in this way. However, I imagine becoming the river will need much discipline in changing old currents of thought, and the very idea of starting out can be overwhelming.

    • I’m not sure that I’d use the word “discipline” for this Beth although if it works for you then of course that’s fine.

      For me it’s more about a genuine commitment to truth and following through by making small changes to start with to let go, release and clear everything that’s blocking you from realizing you already are the river!

      There are certainly plenty of new beginnings along the way – spiritually, creatively and in all areas of life. I wish you well with your new beginning Beth…

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