If I Had My Life to Live Over

Friday 05 April 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

It’s amazing what you discover when you clear out files, folders and drawers that haven’t been sorted through in a while; hidden gems you’d completely forgotten often nestle among the mountain of materials that no longer fit.

A couple of weeks ago, as part of a thorough process of releasing the old to make way for the new, I discovered a piece I’d written on 6 April 2012.

Reading it through triggered a warm feeling and a broad smile. It also brought into sharp focus just how far I’ve come in the last 7 years!

Guiding Principles

I don’t remember what prompted me to write on this topic, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t change one detail of my life despite the intensity and challenge that have been regular and recurring themes.

I have no doubt that everything has been exactly as it’s needed to be for me to become who I truly am, and maintain my commitment to living and working from the ground of pure potential.

Genuinely Important

Yet it’s an interesting reflection as it highlights what feels genuinely important.

It also creates an opportunity to make conscious choices now to address any areas that feel like they need more attention.

So I’m inspired to share what I wrote with you in the hope that you’ll feel prompted to come up with your own response to If I Had My Life to Live Over…

and then take action on anything significant relating to your highest priorities today.

If I Had My Life to Live Over

I’d follow my heart
right from the start.

I’d sing out loud
if not always in tune.

I’d accept myself fully for who I am
and laugh more often at the Cosmic Joke.

I’d find my balance at an earlier stage
between the extremes of high and low.

I’d dive fearlessly into
the deepest Mystery
and dance more consciously
with the flow of life.

I’d embrace the wild
and the wise within
without the shame
of being the exception
and never the rule.

I’d know my true worth
as a woman whose path
is to walk between worlds.

I’d discover my voice,
my vision and vocation
to inhabit, inspire and point towards
the freedom that’s found
in ultimate Truth.

I’d find a way
to share a way
for us all to embrace our rightful role
as co-creators through which life flows
and reveal the Source
from which we are made
to live consciously and creatively
for the highest good
of all concerned
in the unfolding dream
of this strange and delightful
relative realm.

It would be magnificent if you’d lean in to the vulnerability and share your version below!



Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay


  • Really Beautiful. I wish I had learnt such insights oh so much earlier on in my life, but deeply grateful to have been guided towards them by people such as yourself over recent years.
    With Gratitude.

    • Thank you Peter. Quantum leaps can be made in an instant; and ultimately it’s all now anyway! With gratitude to you for your thoughtful comments and generosity of spirit.

  • If I had my life to live over again, I’d probably get stuck in all the same places I got stuck this time around, but I’d smile sooner and broader. I’d make all the same mistakes but I’d learn from them sooner and deeper. But, of course, I wouldn’t because that would be the me of today rather than the me of that time. So, really, I have my life to live over … in this moment and this moment forever forward. To seize the moment, feel the moment in all its mystery, go for truth and kindness and let go of the rest. Promise to live my highest self and forgive myself when I don’t.

    • Lovely, thank you Peter! I’m absolutely with you in “feeling the moment in all its mystery, go for truth and kindness and let go of the rest…” Many thanks for sharing your reflections on this topic.

    • Thank you Daphne; I’m continuing to expand the boundaries of sharing my journey. It does feel vulnerable to do so and yet it is my intention to inspire others through sharing some of the details regarding ways that I walk my talk!

  • Thank you Julia for sharing your inspirations of 7 years ago. If I had my life to live over I’d do things with the wisdom that has come from doing them in the first place with the compassion and understanding I did the best I could at the time with the knowledge and tools at my disposal.

    • Thank you for mentioning some important keys in relation to this Jeanine including the wisdom gained from experience, and the compassion for having done the best at the time with the resources available… Great points to highlight!

  • If I had my life to live over, I wouldn’t do any of it any differently. I would make the same mistakes, hurt the same people, be hurt in the same ways. I know that I have always done the best that I could at the time. I have no regrets. What has happened needed to happen for me to be who I am, and I am not disappointed.

    • Good for you Lesley! No regrets or disappointments sounds like a good space to be in. Thanks for sharing your reaction to this reflection.

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