Are You Ready to Flip?

Friday 15 February 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

I love the majestic grandeur of icebergs and have used them as a visual representation of the way Conscious Writing works for many years.

However, it was only yesterday that I discovered an inspiring fact about them.

In the flow of a coaching session I shared the significance of seeing just the tip of an iceberg and how this symbolizes the words on the page for Conscious Writers.

The hidden 90% includes the inner focus required for discovering the right words as vibrant pointers towards the living reality they’re meant to convey.

The same principle can be applied to any aspect of Conscious Living.

Your experience of life depends on whether you’re being unconsciously driven by conditioned habits or are consciously aligned with your inner core.

The latter gradually becomes your default setting through developing self-awareness as the unseen 90% that empowers you to show up wholeheartedly.

Yesterday, I discovered that icebergs flip!

The 90% rises to the surface as the iceberg literally turns over.

This is a magnificent metaphor for what I’ve described above.

When you prioritize presence, sooner or later you’ll naturally “flip” and experience the freedom and flow of Conscious Living.

Are you ready to flip?

Further Resources

  1. To read my previous post, The Iceberg Approach to Conscious Writing, click here.
  2. With thanks to MB for alerting me to the fact that icebergs flip, inspiring this post and for sharing this link to see an example, click here.

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