Write, Live and Lead from Your Depth

Friday 09 August 2019 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

An unexpectedly long recovery from a car crash in January has taken me to a new level of giving myself permission to slow down without feeling that it’s some kind of failure.

That’s a pattern I’ve been releasing consciously for many years and the layers of conditioning have dissolved to the degree that I’ve truly embraced a whole new way of living and working as a result.

However this year I’ve taken a major quantum leap in the direction of doing more with less and I’m currently exploring the latest version of what it means to write, live and lead from my depth.

Skimming the Surface

It’s ironic that endless multi-tasking and always working at a fast pace actually means you end up skimming the surface of everything.

The drive towards the next shiny object of attention keeps you permanently on the move to the future.

Yet, the present moment is where you discover the depth relating to the ideas you’re drawn to explore, the projects you’re involved in and the connections you have with your colleagues, family and friends.

Reactive or Proactive

When you’re in the habit of speed you also tend to be reactive rather than proactive when making decisions about the best way to solve a problem or have a tough conversation.

This is because your responses to people and situations are driven by unconscious processes that draw on thoughts, belief and memories of what you’ve experienced before.

So you’re triggered to react without realizing that it’s a reaction rather than a conscious choice made proactively from the freedom of the present moment.

Original Insights

The reality is truly original insights come from diving into the depth – of a project, a challenge, and most importantly of all, the depth of who you truly are.

This inner directed approach does require a bit more time.

However, that’s more than compensated by the internal anchor it gives you to stand firmly in your truth no matter how turbulent your external circumstances may be.

Recover Your Balance

It also enables you to recover your balance promptly whenever it feels like the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under your feet.

I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly had that experience on countless occasions in my life.

In such situations, it’s my commitment to realizing and embodying the depth of who I am that has enabled me to be resilient and restore my internal alignment without prolonged delay.

A Conscious Choice

Alongside the challenges of being in a car crash there have been many positives for me.

Slowing down more than ever before and experiencing even greater value from writing, living and leading from my depth is one of them.

There’s no need to wait for an accident to happen though; it’s a conscious choice that can be made any time!


    • Thank you for sharing your experience Lyle. At one level we’re all on a healing journey to regain our innate wholeness. Intention and clarity about the holistic nature of healing are so integral to that process and I wish you well on your journey to restore yourself to wholeness.

  • Julia, I can truly appreciate how your experience of the accident has brought you into a deeper life perception. My heart failure which led to a fall, broken back and fractured neck from which I’m recovering has been my wake-up call to slow down and live in the moment. That’s where life happens and when I resist what IS, I am either grasping the past or fearing the future moments and creating my own unhappiness. Peace, joy and delight only happen in thee moment. This is what I am learning as I slow down.

    • Thank you Helen. In my experience, the process of deeper life perception is on-going as it’s a journey I’ve been consciously engaged with for 20+ years. The accident in January and the aftermath has triggered yet another quantum leap onto yet another level!

      You’ve clearly been through a series of major life changing experiences and are showing great courage to embrace the learning. Yes indeed, peace, joy, delight and more are all in the present moment along with everything else! Love and best wishes to you as your healing journey continues x

  • I am truly inspired by your ideas. Since my childhood I am in serch of what am i? True fundamental truth of existence. Recently I have read letter of lev Tolstoy to the hindu. It was inspiration for Mahatma Gandhi. Inspiring for conscious or aware people.

    • Thank you Sagar. I resonate with your search from childhood into who and what you are. Ultimately you are what you seek! And when that realization becomes embodied, the searching just drops away.

      Thanks for your comment and for including the mention of Tolstoy and Gandhi.

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