Celebrating the Opportunities in this Moment

Saturday 20 June 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

My view of life, the universe and everything is grounded in a fundamental acceptance of all that is with a generous sprinkling of natural optimism and joy.

Yet there have been many occasions when life has challenged me to the extreme or I’ve felt overwhelmed by the suffering and ignorance in the world and lost myself in the darkness.

My commitment to Truth has always been my guiding light, and sooner or later the alchemy runs its course and a deeper level of alignment becomes the new norm.

Simple Celebration

With all the turbulence around the globe right now, it seems to me that alongside dealing with the challenges in appropriate ways, it’s also important to seek out and celebrate the opportunities inherent in each moment.

It’s all too easy to forget how uplifting a simple celebration can be.

Making a conscious choice to connect with others – in person or online – to honour of a specific milestone crossed or a new phase beginning is a timeless tradition for good reason.

The feel good factor isn’t just restricted to the people concerned; the energy of joyful celebration ripples out to the world and makes an invisible yet significant contribution to the whole.

Major Celebration

Major celebrations such as the summer solstice which occurs today in the northern hemisphere have inspired people to mark the occasion since the dawn of time.

At the turn of the millennium 20 years ago, along with thousands of others, I travelled to Stonehenge for the summer solstice and was deeply moved by the experience.

We were allowed right up to the stones and I felt honoured to be at this ancient sacred site where people have gathered to celebrate the light and the fullness of life for so many years.

Sense of Connection

Since then, my solstice celebrations have been more modest, yet I still mark the occasion in one way or another, and genuinely feel a spark of joy from doing so.

I love the sense of connection which comes from aligning with a timeless tradition in this moment along with countless others doing the same no matter what shape or form the celebration takes.

The invitation for you is to pause and reflect on what opportunities there are in your life right now for celebration of some kind – large or small, alone or with others, indoors or outdoors…

What will you choose to celebrate in this moment?


    • Absolutely Susan, thanks for your comment and beautifully put. The more we leave the old stories behind, the more we set ourselves free to move forwards in mindfulness and trust.

    • Thank you Susan! Combined with the eclipse on Sunday, we’re experiencing a very powerful moment in time! x

  • I spent one such moment climbing the Tor at Glastonbury at dawn on the Summer Solstice to take part in a Mayan Fire Ceremony eagerly anticipating watching the sunrise only to experience pouring rain and a howling gale, no sun but magical nonetheless. Happy Solstice Julia! xx

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