Emma Traherne

I started to work with Julia on her Mentoring Series to have some support from someone who I felt was inspiring.

I had harboured a desire to write and share knowledge around my work for a long time. I really knew nothing of writing and especially how to communicate on the page. The only writing I had experienced was research papers. I felt I had so much to discuss that I was incapable of ordering my thoughts clearly.

Through Julia’s mentoring I learnt valuable techniques that support my ongoing work. I became able to write for pleasure, finding that not only would some of this be part of the process, but that it gave me the freedom to express myself with the authenticity Julia speaks about.

Julia has the ability to listen. She takes the mentoring session and shapes it around your needs. It is truly a one-to-one, as opposed to a set pattern. She uses her knowledge and intuition effectively and equally, allowing you to explore your own abilities and desires.

I now order my time more effectively, take opportunities I was previously missing and thoroughly enjoy the creative writing process.

Emma Traherne, holistic therapist and founder of Nuveya Healthcare