Shelley Hawkins

I trusted Julia from our previous working relationship when I won 6 months of mentoring with her as part of the Conscious Writing Scholarship.

My book, Changing the Vibration of Food, had taken a new direction in previous months and I knew it was her intuitive presence and expertise I now desired for my personal evolution while I followed these inner promptings.

Julia’s way of working is a deep expertise guided by a deeply cultivated, accurate, intuitive wisdom; a way of working I value and have cultivated in my own business. I knew I could trust and be prompted and supported into writing from my true creative voice.

While we continue to partner together, her presence has been influential for making choices in my business, for my book and my emerging new creative direction.

Shelley Hawkins, MS, intuitive business mentor, author, coach, founder of The Self Connection and creator of Your Soul in Business