Meg Mann

I had been receiving Julia’s newsletters for several years and so enjoyed the articles, interviews and insights. I dreamt of one day being a writer who could fully express what was longing to emerge from within.

When Julia published her book, Conscious Writing, I immediately ordered a copy and began the journey of living my dream. Then came the cherry on top of the cake when I enhanced my journey with Julia alongside as my coach and mentor. What an amazing experience this is!

Julia’s intuitive approach taps into what is happening within me at a level far deeper than what my head is saying. By using powerful inquiry, Julia gently guides me to access my inner voice that is longing for creative expression.

She uses a bespoke approach that works for me not only to find the voice of the writer, but the entire spectrum of the creative orchestra within my being that wishes to emerge, express and experience this life journey.

Julia is a master at her craft, and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.  I am excited to see what develops and blossoms!  Thank you, Julia!

Meg Mann, MSA, JD, master certified coach, thought partner and writer