Welcome to the Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership Podcast with Julia McCutchen
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    29 January 2020
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Hello, I’m Julia McCutchen. Welcome to our exploration of what it takes to discover your highest calling and make a real difference through aligning your life and work with who you truly are.

I’ve been walking the conscious path for over 30 years, and my journey of combining deep personal transformation with my professional roles including international publisher, intuitive coach, mentor and author have brought me to initiate this dynamic inquiry into writing, living and leading from the inside out.

I’ve had the great good fortune to connect with some visionary and soul inspired professionals – thought leaders, New York Times bestselling authors, inspired entrepreneurs, executive coaches and teachers – who’ve joined me in engaging dialogue to share real life stories, practical tips and relevant experience to inspire you to bring your whole self to amplifying your impact and making the contribution you’re truly here to make.

In our dialogue we discuss:
  • What does entrepreneur Mike Dooley, writer of the Notes from the Universe inspirational emails received by over 800,000 people think about shifting your worldview to become more of who you truly are?

  • How does trailblazer and PR Legend Lynne Franks OBE see the way forwards for empowering women in business, leadership and life?

  • Why does Zen teacher and CEO Marc Lesser who developed the celebrated Search Inside Yourself program at Google believe that mindful leaders are essential to the future of humanity?

Together we’ll explore the frontiers of this transformative and creative path of mastery and flow, and ground the inquiry with realistic suggestions for you to apply what you learn and experience the freedom that comes from aligning your head with your heart, and the somatic wisdom of your body with the pure potential of your soul.

Join me on this adventure…

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“Let me say straight away that this deep dive isn’t about overloading you with more information…

Instead it’s about distilling the essence of each episode and providing you with a few suggestions for how to apply what you learn in the context of real life, your life, starting from exactly where you are right now.

You see it’s essential to embody your insights and realizations in order to make conscious choices and experience different results…”

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I’m looking forward to sharing this meaningful and vibrant journey with you!




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