EP02: Empowering Women in Business, Leadership and Life with Lynne Franks OBE
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    29 January 2020
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Lynne Franks OBE is a PR legend, entrepreneur, teacher and author who is recognized as a visionary and trailblazer working at the leading edge of areas including social change, corporate responsibility and women’s empowerment.

Her international best-seller, The SEED Handbook celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020 with the launch of SEED 20.20, an on-line community for like-minded women to work together, support each other and grow into their full potential.

I first met Lynne in 2012 when we were both leading workshops at an event in London that was organized by Psychologies magazine. I remember it clearly because a few days before I’d broken a bone in my foot so I was hobbling around on crutches with my lower leg in plaster yet fully committed to showing up to lead my Creating in the Moment session!

It struck me how our respective workshops were quite different yet with an underlying resonance, and this became the foundation for my connection with Lynne which continues to develop all these years later.

In our dialogue we discuss:
  • How the lineage of a strong matriarchal line in Lynne’s family led her to start her own business at 21 years old with celebrated designer Katharine Hamnett as her first client, and grow the business to be the most high-profile PR agency in the UK.

  • The prompt for Lynne to follow her heart, write The SEED Handbook and ultimately start a movement which empowered women to set up small businesses that were values led, sustainable, and based on collaboration and co-operation.

  • Why women so often feel challenged by low self-confidence and self-belief, and how to strengthen these qualities to step into our true power as creative visionaries and leaders who inspire others.

  • The lessons learnt from championing women in business, prisons, African villages and more… to support the development of a new breed of leaders who live and work with integrity, authenticity, transparency and love.

  • How the Power of Seven archetypes – Seed Sower, Alchemist, Storyteller, Medicine Woman, Sky Dancer, Space-weaver and Wisdom Keeper – reveal a new way forwards for individual and global change and transformation.

For more information about Lynne, visit www.LynneFranks.com