EP01: Shifting Your Worldview to Become More of Who You Truly Are with Mike Dooley
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    29 January 2020
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Mike Dooley is a New York Times bestselling author, writer of the Notes from the Universe inspirational emails, a wildly successful entrepreneur, and co-founder of The Universe Talks Adventurer’s Club with over 800,000 members worldwide.

I’ve known Mike for over 20 years and it’s always inspiring to speak with him as he has such a positive and empowering message which he shares so enthusiastically from the depths of his heart and soul.

Yet he knows only too well how challenging life can be and understands from personal experience what’s involved with making conscious choices to transform your situation from stress and struggle to freedom and flow.

In our dialogue we discuss:
  • How Mike shifted his worldview from seeing life as hard to embracing it as a playful adventure that transforms problems into opportunities to rise above challenges by becoming more of who you truly are.

  • The significance of paying attention to where you place your focus to experience the reality that everything has meaning and you’re already far more successful than you give yourself credit for.

  • The maxim “thoughts become things” as the unfolding path from ideas to words and actions that enable you to realize your vision of what’s truly important in all areas of your life and work.

  • Questions to ask yourself and tools to use to untangle the wires and set yourself free from limiting patterns of conditioned thought and behaviour.

  • The greenlight to move toward your dreams through dancing with fear and the two keys you need to live a life of meaning and purpose.

For more information about Mike, visit www.tut.com

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