Thank you for your interest in the IACCW.

After 9 years of serving conscious and creative writers, the IACCW in its current form has finally come to an end.

New Beginnings

Of course endings always lead to new beginnings,and I’m delighted to share that I’m currently creating a whole new offering that will be ready later this year.

As a result, you’ll still be able to access an abundant flow of inspiration, guidance and practical support… but in a new way.

New Ways to Connect

For now, my invitation for you is to connect with the on-going nature of my conscious approach
to writing, living and leadership through one or all of the following options:

1. The Conscious Writing for Creative Living blog, read the latest posts and subscribe here

2. LinkedIn, where I’m exploring the emerging focus of Conscious Leadership alongside my
on-going commitment to Conscious Writing and Living, follow me here

3. My FREE Video Series which I created to give you a taste of how Conscious Writing leads you
to discover and express your true voice on the page and in the world.

Register to watch all three videos in the purple box at the bottom of the page and I’ll look forward to
catching up with you one way or another very soon.


Julia x


Intuitive Coach, Mentor, Author
Founder & Creative Director
International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers



VIDEO #1: The Power of Alignment for Conscious Writers

In this video, I explain how to access the true source of your authentic voice as well as your richest and most original ideas by bringing all aspects of yourself into alignment – body, emotions, mind and soul.

I also reveal a surprise additional benefit and a simple take-away action for you to explore the power of alignment for yourself.



VIDEO #2: The Conscious Writing Mudra Sequence

I created the Conscious Writing Mudra Sequence as a short practice of eight hand gestures to draw you into a state of alignment and connection as a dynamic preparation for any kind of original creative work.

It’s especially effective for gaining deep insights and writing consciously, creatively and authentically.



VIDEO #3: A Guided Meditation for Conscious Writers

In this guided meditation, I lead you into a deep inner space and guide you to reflect on one of the most important questions for all Conscious Writers to explore.

Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes, have your writing tools ready and watch out for the final tip at the end; it’s popular because it’s simple yet makes a significant difference to the quality and impact of all your creative work.



Register to watch the FREE video series in the purple box below:


Watch my Conscious Writing video series and start aligning with your true voice today

Julia McCutchen - The Power of Alignment