Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice USA

Date: Sunday 09 September - Friday 14 September 2018 | Location: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, USA

When & Where

Sunday 09 September - Friday 14 September
7.30pm EDT Sunday - 12pm EDT Friday

Omega Institute For Holistic Studies
Omega Institute
150 Lake Dr
NY 12572

Date: Sunday 09 September - Friday 14 September 2018 | Location: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, USA

Tune into the original source of your authentic voice and learn to write from your true self in a way that is aligned with your life’s purpose.

Immerse yourself in creative exploration and learn to write from your heart with the voice of your soul.

Conscious Writing is a holistic approach to creative awakening and vibrant writing. Its transformative power comes from learning to write from your true self, the eternal part of you that is naturally creative and free from resistance—the original source of your authentic voice.

Author and intuitive mentor Julia McCutchen guides you to discover your voice and unlock your creativity through the Conscious Writing process, a proven method for transitioning into a deep creative flow aligned with your purpose. You:

  • Participate in opening and closing ceremonies
  • Explore a different theme each day
  • Experience guided energy, meditation, and visualization practices
  • Engage in a variety of creative exercises and plenty of writing

You work independently, in pairs, and in small groups within a safe, sacred space. You may choose to read your work aloud in an optional open mic session.

Professional writers as well as enthusiasts are welcome.

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Omega is one of the most prestigious holistic learning centres in the world that serves as a gathering place for great thinkers, creatives, spiritual teachers, and social visionaries.

Considered a premiere travel destination in New York’s Hudson Valley, Omega has seen more than one million people come through the doors over four decades to grow, learn, and find a greater sense of purpose. Annually, more than 23,000 people attend Omega’s 350+ programs in-person, and close to 2 million people participate in offerings online.

The name was drawn from the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a 20th century Jesuit priest and evolutionary biologist who spoke of the “Omega Point” or the point of unity toward which all of life is evolving. This movement toward unity, balance, and wholeness—within an individual and in the culture at large—is also expressed by the word “holistic.”

More than simply a place, the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is a global community that awakens the best in the human spirit and cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in us all.

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Cancellation Policy

The deposit (which constitutes 50% of the total price) is non-refundable.
If you have to cancel your booking for any reason, there is a staged refund policy as follows:

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The retreat was beyond amazing.

The “me” who came on Day 1 has transformed, blossomed and emerged into a bigger, more conscious and authentic True “me” that is now leaving this beautiful space.

Meg Mann, coach, facilitator, modern mystic.

Phew! What a journey… and as for the results – quite honestly I am blown away!

This has been Incredible and transformational; more than I ever thought could happen.

I go home a writer!

Nikki Murphy, writer and yoga teacher

Above and beyond my intentions.

A fully embodied journey to help you embrace your inner wisdom, joy and truth.

Claire Murphy, yoga and meditation teacher / women’s writing group facilitator

A journey into power and authenticity surrounded by extraordinary women in a profound space held by Julia’s depth of personal and professional practice.

Akhilanda Ananda, life coach, author, facilitator/trainer

Transformational… it blew me away.

The writing is, was and always has been there, it was only waiting for an invitation to show up!

Jenni Johnson, Intuitive, Transformation Coach, Writer, Crystal Worker.

Conscious Writing transformed my life
and I’m dedicated to it as a daily practice!

Susan Nefzger, Writer, Internet Marketer Author

I’ve had the most fantastic experience at the Conscious Writing retreat. It was a revelation; I got so much out of Julia’s incredible experience and deep understanding of conscious writing. Taught and elucidated so eloquently.

Maggie Kay, inspirational coach, meditation teacher, founder of Thrivecraft and author of Diving for Pearls

I took a journey back to myself – a coming home. I feel restored and positive about what is possible now for my writing and my life. I came with an open mind; I left with a happy heart.

Louise Hatch, writer and business woman

This was my first group retreat so I didn’t know what to expect but found it invaluable. 10 out of 10 for realising my personal intentions and end results for the retreat!

An incredible opportunity to be, grow, deepen old knowledge, learn new skills, and take it all forward.

Michelle Diener, naturopath, occupational therapist and conscious writer

This retreat was a deeply enriching experience – I would not have missed it for the world! I achieved a surprising degree of clarity – thank you so much!  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone serious about consciously creating.

Debra Goldston, college principle, Athena School

I came with no expectations, just an openness and desire to reconnect with my inner voice through the written word. And my word, I got so much more than that!

It was a transformative weekend of consciously co-creating and has benefitted my life on many levels and most definitely my writing.

Kelley Osborne, new Earth visionary, writer, teacher, healer, mother, Yoga Tree of Life

I’d describe the Conscious Writing Retreat as barrier-busting and heart-opening! I was not expecting to be moved so much!

I was firmly but gently drawn out of my comfort zone to face aspects of myself that I normally shut down.

Donna Burgess, portfolio manager

A remarkable retreat – days of delight and insight.

have learnt so much and taken home new techniques and renewed contact with parts of myself that I haven’t been in touch with for years. It was an outward and inwards journey. Perfect!

Helena Dodds, Nia instructor, homework expert and author

Very rewarding. I arrived feeling depleted, tired, physically not too fit. My energy was restored, I felt renewed physically, recovered my motivation and found clarity for my writing.

I now feel inspired to carry on in a new direction.

Daphne Radenhurst, retired NATO secretary

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 true voice today