The Power of Letting Go

Friday 05 June 2020 - Posted by Julia McCutchen

Releasing has been a recurring theme for me lately and has reminded me of the immense importance and power of letting go in order to write, live and lead consciously, creatively and authentically.

It’s certainly a process I know from the inside out as it surfaced as a major priority for me when I left the publishing world to forge my own path many years ago.

Serene and Free

I clearly remember finding an inspiring image of a woman wearing a dark red dress leaning forwards on the railings of a balcony with her arms outstretched looking serene and free.

I loved that photo.

It represented the freedom from fears and old patterns that felt suffocating to me, and I longed to feel the way I imagined she felt.

At the time, it was the complete opposite of what I actually felt!

Turning Point

One particular pattern I needed to release was the tendency to put everyone else’s needs before my own; then never get to mine.

Sound familiar?

I also felt a heavy weight of responsibility for everything which eventually became an overwhelming burden, particularly during the last year of my role as a managing director and publisher.

In fact, feeling responsible for 60+ staff and hundreds of authors as well as for the success of every single book almost burned me out to extinction.

The turning point came in the form of an accident resulting in a head injury which was deeply traumatic yet also served the purpose of waking me up to that fact that it was time for change.

The Alchemy of Life

From then on everything shifted and I chose to engage willingly with the deep transformation that was already underway.

As I committed myself wholeheartedly to working consciously and creatively with the alchemy of life, I started to notice opportunities for change.

The first time I heard the phrase “service not sacrifice”, for example, was a real “aha” moment as I realized immediately that I’d been stuck in the latter.

Now I was absolutely ready to explore a new way of being that included my health and happiness alongside being of service to others.

More Than an Intellectual Exercise

I also realized that releasing limiting patterns of thought and behaviour was so much more than an intellectual exercise.

I needed to clear the stuck energy from every level – including my body – and was astonished to discover just how deep trauma and conditioned patterns actually go.

Along the way, I also learnt to ask for help when I needed it instead of feeling I “should” be able to handle everything myself.

Tools and Techniques

The tools and techniques I used to dissolve the layers that were blocking me from living in integrity with my soul are the same ones I teach as the foundation for a conscious approach to writing, living and leadership.

They include:

  • meditation, breathing and energy practices
  • conscious movement like yoga and walking
  • spending as much time as possible in nature
  • writing in a journal to clear your internal space
  • nurturing your creative soul with inspiration of all kinds

Today I am honoured to have the opportunity to share my insights and experience, and to guide and support others who are on their own version of the transformational journey of living and working in alignment who they truly are.

The Most Significant Realization

The most significant realization I’ve had is this…

… when I take full responsibility for who I am being in each and every moment, and take skilful action to bring myself back into alignment when I notice conditioned patterns playing out, my whole experience of life changes.

This responsibility involves knowing the “non-negotiables” in my life – such as the tools and techniques above – and maintaining these foundational priorities through conscious choices each and every day.

As Anais Nin expressed so beautifully, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Are you ready to blossom?


    • Thank you for your comment Michael, and it’s good to hear that you felt the “deep sense”. I hope it inspires you to review how these reflections may benefit you and your experience of life.

  • Julia, What you have shared reflects so much of my own experience. It’s just so affirming to read about your journey and what you have learned and how you are using it to light the way for others. Thank you.

    • That’s lovely Helen, thank you for sharing your reaction to this post in the way that you have. How interesting that it reflects your own experience to the degree that it does and I’m delighted to know that it feels affirming for you. It is my deepest calling to light the way for others so that is incredibly affirming for me to read. Thank you!

  • Julia, many thanks for such an inspiring blog. Everything you said resonated with me, particularly feeling fundamentally free. For so long I have been fearful of releasing… going deep within to feel and see myself as a credible and worthy writer. I have now made a decision: to write for me (the type of novel I would enjoy reading) and not for others (what I think other people expect me to write). Again, thank you!

    • You’re most welcome Catherine and thank you for sharing the effect it’s had in terms of inspiring you and resonating with your own experience. I understand the fear… and of course facing it is the path to freedom. I wholeheartedly support you with your decision to write what you feel called to write regardless of other people’s expectations. Enjoy!

    • Beautiful indeed! Thank you for sharing Susan, and I’m right with you as living consciously naturally leads to a way of life that’s free… with endless depths of freedom to experience and embody!

  • The Most Significant Realization points are incredibly powerful and have the vital message to be committed to what really works for personal ‘Shift’. They are unusually strong and an excellent ‘ Call to Personal Action;. Thank you very much, Julia – most valuable

    • Thank you Peter, it’s good to know that these points have resonated so deeply with you. Enjoy exploring your call to personal action!

  • Julia – This resonated with me strongly. My WOTY (word of the year) this year is Release! I’m working diligently to release self-limiting beliefs. Awareness and affirmations are my primary tools. Journaling and yoga are both an integral part of my life as well. More time in nature and nurturing my creativity are two aspects I need to do more of. As I read through a random sampling of your posts, so much of what you blog speaks to me. Yes, I will be following you from now on!

    • Aha, release is such a key word for so many people right now so you’re on the pulse with your WOTY!

      The tools you are already using are certainly effective AND when you add in more time in nature and nurturing your creative soul, the combination will be even more powerful.

      It’s lovely to hear that the blogs are speaking to you. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’ll look forward to continuing our connection through these comments.

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