Conscious Writing for Creative Living

Discover your authentic voice, unlock your creativity and transform your life.


My speciality is to bring deep intuitive insight to open the way for you to reconnect with the essence of who you are and express your true calling consciously and creatively in the world.

Whatever challenges you’re currently facing and wherever you are on your creative journey, you’ll find that learning how to pause and access a deep level of inner truth before taking outer action transforms everything.

When you’re aligned with authenticity your thoughts, words and all that you do are inspired by your true self, the eternal part of you that is free from anxiety and limitation.

This is how to write and create what you’re here to write and create. It’s also how to transform your whole experience of life.

Here are a few ways to know the truth of this conscious and creative approach for yourself and work with my guidance and support:

How you can work with me

The most powerful way to ensure deep and lasting progress in any 
and all of the above areas is through on-going mentoring.

Mentoring provides a rhythm, structure and positive accountability for you to begin, develop or complete your current priorities with regular guidance and feedback to ensure you’re always on track with your core purpose.

There’s a minimum commitment of six months for all mentoring options although the choice is often made to continue well beyond that to keep the momentum going.

Either way, you’ll enjoy an increasingly rewarding experience of expressing yourself creatively and authentically in the world through a multitude of different forms.

Your individual circumstances may call for different priorities to be taken into account so bespoke coaching and mentoring packages are designed to suit your exact requirements.

These may include more in-person sessions, longer virtual sessions, unlimited email support and one, two or three day individual retreats with a mix of guided and personal time.

Whether you’re in the early stages of exploring possibilities or an experienced professional ready to work at a new level of depth and impact (or anywhere in between) a bespoke package will guide you to realize your creative dreams.

How do the coaching and mentoring sessions work?

All sessions include an exploration of your vision and purpose as well as your current reality and where you feel stuck, lost or confused.

Drawing on a combination of soul and craft, you’ll end up knowing exactly what practical actions to make a priority and feel empowered to take your next steps with clarity and confidence.

I work very intuitively with you as an individual so don’t follow any set structure during our time together. However, I always share the essential components of conscious writing and creative living, and make recommendations for you to experiment with whatever feels right from my range of tried and tested tools and techniques.

From a practical point of view, sessions take place in person or via telephone, Skype or video conference as appropriate.

Geographical boundaries are never an issue as I’ve worked with people all over the world from my base in the UK including the USA, Canada, Australia, Bali, Malaysia, France, Italy, Portugal and more.